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Critical Mass

Critical Mass

Christianity, Islam and Judaism all have two statements in their religion that are causing great problems with the global state of humanity.  The statements, “Be fruitful and multiply”, and “The poor will always be among you” are severely hindering our progress as a species.  At 6.7 billion people, the idea of further expansion of the population, while we are still tied to a single planet, is insane.  The other statement concerning poverty is the excuse for the damage that uninhibited population growth causes.

Interestingly, the idea of poverty did not arise until the concept of money.  When these religions were founded, at the time of Abraham, our ancestors did not understand the concept of poverty.  It was only when they integrated with the Egyptian society that they learned the concept of wealth.  In Egypt they were the uneducated minority.  The first generation of Hebrews that lived in Egyptian society had little chance at attaining wealth within the system because they simply did not have the mental capacity of mathematics or money handling.  In the bible it states that they were willing slaves to the Egyptians for over 400 years because even as slaves in the slums of Egypt they were better off than the nomadic herdsman they were before they found Egypt.  As “late bloomers”, the tribe of Abraham became focused on money handling and wealth.  By the time they left Egypt many of them had become wealthy through trading and saving.  They also took from Egypt the advanced concepts of religion, warfare, and greed.

The idea of “be fruitful and multiply” came about when the Hebrews were attempting to conquer Canaan.  They had to double their numbers in order to achieve their goal.  The idea that the western religions still believe and follow this primitive practice in today’s circumstances is a testament to the outdated message.

We are beyond the critical mass on this planet.  The efforts to curb global warming, and recycle recourses, while necessary and good, are just a drop in the bucket compared to the consumption and devastation 6.7 billion people cause.  We do not HAVE enough quality food to feed the current population.  Could you imagine the consumption of 6.7 billion fish a day?   Can you imagine 6.7 billion steaks being cooked every day?  Could you imagine 13 billion eggs, a billion pounds of bacon?  How about 10 billion potatoes, a billion pounds of vegetables, a billion pounds of fruit, and a billion gallons of milk every day?  That is the total of one day’s consumption of what Americans consider a healthy lifestyle times the population of the earth.  It is not possible.   We have passed the critical population mass and we are consuming the biomass of the planet much more quickly than it can be replaced by nature.

Western religious are very proud and sure of their prophecies of the end times.  The sad truth is that their religious practices are the single most influential factor in causing our species to face an “end times”.  Our end times is an end to the life support system on this planet due to overpopulation.  Overpopulation cannot be controlled because of the practices of western religions.

All I have to say is, “Thank you Jesus”.   Thanks a lot.

Help, I am ItiA

  1. April 1, 2010 at 12:14 pm

    I do not take on all the religious and political views of the UMC organization. I have my own. It happens to be that I work relationships and many acquaintances within the United Methodist organization. That being said, after reading this blog, my question is (asking questions is how we learn, right?) what is YOUR suggestion as to how to run the planet? I understand your concerns about overpopulation, and perhaps that is something that we can control, BUT, there are other natural calamities that can bring this world to an end that we can do nothing about. Like the fact that the sun continues to lose mass, and at a faster rate the smaller it gets. If my information is correct, scientific reason would suggest that the sun will someday implode! Unless someone figures out how to create a sun before that happens, an end will surely come.

    • April 1, 2010 at 1:09 pm

      Thank you for your question and the way you asked. I am happy to reply with my opinion. Population is difficult to control and attempts to control it can slap human nature right in the face. It is very hard to suggest to a person who is desperate need to fill a hole in their life with a child that they cannot have one due to overpopulation. It is also hard to give a blanket solution for the biomass issue because those who eat lobster are not about to change their diets to help those who have not eaten any protein in a month.

      In order to take the first step towards making the human race a species that will survive and thrive, I have suggested in previous blogs that we establish 5 human rights that are global. Every government, state, or city on the planet would be required to provide these services for any human being that is within their territory. Those rights are nutritious food, clean water, transportation, communication, shelter and clothing, and personal freedom. (Personal freedom is the protection from prosecution or persecution for any act, activity, belief, or practice that you do to your self. Nothing less should be considered freedom.)

      In order to be considered a true country you would be required to provide these human rights. If you cannot, or choose not to, you are not part of the global union of countries. (There will always be countries that either don’t believe they can provide these services or choose not to because of religious or ideological reasons.)

      Beyond those basic human rights, each country can conduct business, religion, or other practices as they wish without fear of persecution from the global community. As long as people have freedom of transportation, if the country has customs that are not acceptable to a human being, that human being can leave anytime they wish, and they can take all of their personal possessions with them due to personal freedom rules.

      This means that capitalism can still thrive. If you wish to have something above basic shelter, you need to earn it. If you wish to eat lobster instead of basic nutritional foods, you need to earn them.

      Lastly, as a global community, we need to focus exclusively on colonizing the solar system and then beyond as soon as possible. You are right in the fact that our sun will eventually burn out. As a species though, if we have not established a secondary technology center on another planet by the next time the north pole and south pole switch places, (which is already overdue), we might not make it off the planet at all.

      I do not pretend to know when this will happen. I do however listen to the scientists who have established that the earth flips frequently, is hit by major meteors frequently, and is hit by radiation from solar flares from our sun frequently. We have been extremely lucky to make it this far. It would be a shame to have our species end simply due to infighting and superstition.

      Thanks again for your question.

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