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America’s Day of De-CERN-Ment

Congratulations to the scientists at CERN!  How brightly the EU shines today.  In case Americans don’t understand, it’s called national pride.  It’s the feeling you get when your society achieves a global goal without the necessity of making a dollar in profit.  It’s the feeling you get when your society shows its human side.  The achievements of CERN today surpass that of putting a man on the moon.  It is truly a magical achievement, and a source of pride that should make Europeans glow with pride for decades to come.

It was November 21, 1967 that America opened Fermilab, the National Accelerator Laboratory.  In 1967, America was at the head of the world scientific class.  We had a healthy space program and physics program.  We had a healthy view of our society and even though we didn’t know it then, we had a full 30 years of unprecedented prosperity on the horizon.

What have you heard from Fermilab lately?  What have you heard from the space program lately, other than the fact we are scrapping the shuttle program?

America has changed its heart.  We are a “for profit business only” society.  We no longer have the ability to contribute to the global village because we are no longer seeking advancement.  We are a scared and nervous culture seeking only to keep hold of what we have with both fists clenched tightly.  In the 1960’s our society would have called that cowardice.  Today we call it “The Tea Party Movement”.

All the arguments and hatred that took flight during the lowly health care debate make it perfectly clear that a project like CERN is no longer possible in America.  There are hundreds of groups and hundreds of insane ideologies in America that can be blamed for our current status quo.  Blame, not progress, but it is the only news that is getting airtime, so let me give you this one glimmer of hope.  America is not a capitalist society, we are a democracy.  During the depression we acted as a socialist country with a huge number of government jobs and programs that pulled us out of the seemingly insurmountable hole. During World War II, we were a communist country, forcing men into war with the draft, issuing rationing of goods orders, and even setting up concentration camps for ethnically “risky” people.  Starting in the 1980’s we became a purely capitalistic society, with every effort placed on individual wealth.  We remain in that capitalistic mode today.

Our one hope is that with the power of the vote, we can mold our government to begin advancing the American Scientific Community once more.  The fear on that one hope is that our vote is no longer valid.  The election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts showed that elections can be purchased for as little as 6 million dollars.  If we have become dumb enough that our votes can be bought with advertising, then all is lost.

In an era in which America does not even understand the term Volt, we are dangerously close to not being able to grasp the importance of scientific advancement.  We are dangerously close to not being able to understand the impact of Fermilab and NASA activities in the 1960’s on the decades of prosperity that followed.  We are dangerously close to the “stupidity point of no return”.

Re-invest America!  Help, I am ItiA

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