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John Boehner: The inside Story

We all know John Boehner as the Republican leader. We are all hearing his predictions of Armageddon and the certain absolute doom we all face. What you don’t know is that John Boehner is not making these statements as part of a political game, John Boehner actually believes what he is saying. John is suffering from the same medical malady that plagues many representatives in Washington. Their medical condition plays naturally into their urgent need for power and fear of the immediate future.

When John was a boy, he was told to sit quietly, close his eyes and listen for voices in his head. He was told that the voices he heard were magical and wise beyond his imagination. He was told that the voices had authority over him and would tell him what to do for his entire life. I know that this sounds like a movie but unless you have attended an “All boys Catholic High School”, you cannot grasp the seriousness and accuracy of this statement.
When John was a boy, he was also told that we were living in the “end times”. When John Boehner speaks of Armageddon, he is not talking hypothetically. Armageddon is a valley in Northern Israel, and John Boehner was raised to believe that during his lifetime, the final battle of the world would happen at that location. John lives in fear and anticipation of that event every day of his life.
So that is the history of John Boehner. Now for the inside story. Ask any physician about the effects of creating alternate personalities within a child’s brain at a young age. Be sure to tell them that the instructions were given by an authority figure who also stated that the voices in the child head were magical and powerful. Without fail they will tell you it leads to certain Schizophrenia.
Ask the same physician about the effects of telling a child that they will not live a full life. That they will face the “end of the world” at any moment in the near future. Be sure to mention that the end of the world is described as violent, brutal, and that the voices in his head would make sure that he was rescued from the event by a magical teleportation from the earth to a place of safety. Without fail they will tell you that the child would grow to an adult that suffers from intense paranoia.
So there you have it. The inside story on John Boehner. John Boehner is a clinically ill person with the specific diagnosis of Paranoid Schizophrenic. Unfortunately, he is joined by 100,000,000 Americans with the same exact belief system and medical malady.
Help, I am ItiA

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