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Christian Democracy is an Oxymoron

It did not start with the health care debate.  It did not even start with the election of President Barack Obama.  The yelling and screaming Christian Republicans started ignoring the American democratic process soon after September 11th, 2001.  We as patriots, in full mourning of the terrorist act of 9/11 were fully behind the Republican agenda of the time because we are believers in democracy and stood behind the leadership of our country even though we disagreed with most of their agenda.  As such, we stood by and let the Patriot Act pass.  If you have the chance to read the Patriot Act that was passed soon after 9/11, you will see that many American ideals of democracy were thrown out the window.

America has a core of citizens who understand the concept of democracy.  They also understand the importance of keeping a sitting president in place during war time.  It is a long standing tradition in the United States that as long as the citizens of the country believe that a war is just and right, they will keep a president in place until the war ends or until the 8 year maximum term of a president is over.  So we believers in democracy stood in support of our president until the end of his term.

In 2008 elections, the citizens of the United States who believe in democracy voted in a president who they believed would reverse many of the trends of the George Bush presidency.  This is when the voices of the Religious Right became louder.  In a democracy, you must know that you do not always get your way.  A democracy is a form of government that helps all forms of wisdom and progress prevail as the public becomes more and more aware of the benefits of each idea.  In a democracy, you as a citizen must understand the concept of “the will of the people”.  Even if your ideas differ, if the will of the people choose a path, you walk with them as a citizen and patriot of the United States.

To a Christian, democracy is a great form of government while they get their way, but an unacceptable form of government when they do not get their way.  That is why Christian Democracy is an oxymoron.  In order to claim to believe in democracy, you need to admit that even when the will of the majority is against your beliefs, you will comply with the wishes of the majority.

Take a quick look at the last 100 years in America and you will see the changes our society made to cope with problems our society faced.  During WWII we acted much like a communist society in that we drafted the assistance of our youth into war to help defeat Germany in battle, we forcefully rationed goods and services in order to succeed as a society.  During the Great Depression we acted much like a socialist society in that we employed a much larger than normal government workforce to help keep our society going.  During the 80’s we changed to a purely capitalistic society to help us compete on the rapidly expanding global marketplace.   That is a true democracy!  A country that creates new laws and rules according to the will of  the people and the circumstances at hand.

As we have seen since the election of Barack Obama, through the passing of the Health Care Law, Christians do not accept the will of the majority.  In fact, they are showing that they have a “win at all costs” mentality.  The election of Scott Brown shows that Christians are willing to do anything, right or wrong, moral or immoral, good or bad for the country, to win.  In order to elect Scott Brown, Christians got into bed with some of the most harmful corporations in America to fund the advertising blitz that won the elections.

In the democratic process, Republicans should propose alternative legislation to change the laws of this country.  Since this is not possible within the democratic process, because the majority of Americans do not agree with  their extreme agenda, they have resorted to a campaign against democracy.  Look for advertising budgets in the billions for this fall’s elections.  Recent activities suggest that American Christians are at war with democracy.  They believe they can buy victory with advertising that programs the American public with fear and paranoia.  Unfortunately, this writer believes that they may be correct in this assumption.

American democracy has seen many foes, but it has never faced an internal foe with such deep pockets.  One hundred million radical American Christians are out to change this country into a Theocracy and they just might succeed.

Help, I am ItiA

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