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Priceline Anaheim

Buyers beware.   Anaheim California is a bait and switch hotel community when booking through http://www.priceline.com

There is a single sentence in the “important information” section of your purchase that may cause you to pay an extra 30% over and above your hotel rate when you choose to book in Anaheim.

“These charges may be mandatory (e.g., resort fees) or optional (parking, phone calls or minibar charges) and are not included in your offer price”

What this means is that the hotel can charge you whatever they want in a “resort fee” over and above the amount you paid for your contract with http://www.priceline.com   This is not an incidental fees charge, but a mandatory charge.  Crowne Plaza uses this resort fee as a way to undercut all the other hotels because they know they get an extra 30% on the back side unlike a traditional hotel.

There is no way to avoid this when choosing Anaheim, but there is a way to avoid it when using http://www.priceline.com

Simply choose another community.   Anaheim is the only community in Orange County that has a “resort fee” associated with its hotels on http://www.priceline.com  All you have to do is choose a surrounding community in order to insure that you are not caught in a bait and switch when booking a hotel in California.

When staying in the Orange County area and booking a room through Priceline, AVOID CHOOSING ANAHEIM.

The only other option is to avoid using the  3 1/2 stars hotel choice.  That is where the Crown Plaza is waiting in hiding to stick you with a mandatory fee.   THEY ARE THE ONLY HOTEL IN ANAHEIM TO DO THIS TO TOURISTS.

I love the city of Anaheim, it is a pity that they are being singled out by bad policies of a single hotel, The Crowne Plaza.

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