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Human Programming Language Lesson : Simple Variables

I have spoken about the Human Programming Language (HPL) in past blogs.  The use of HPL in changing marketing from a “hit or miss” science to an exact ROI calculation, in keeping customers loyal to a brand, a nationality, or a religion, and in controlling those around you.  HPL has been used for many awful reasons, but it can also be used as a tool by you to control you own life.  HPL is based in the natural variables of life.  Most people never get too the root of their belief systems established by HPL because they only deal with the variables that have been taught to them instead of the natural variables.  For example, you know variables like money, job, marriage, and religion.   None of these are natural variables.  They are all manmade creations deviations from natural variables.  This is VERY important because if you only have the ability of self examination according to these variables, you are quite limited to the number of possible outcomes.  You are closed off from a vast majority of the possibilities of life.

Here is a short list of natural variables that can start you on the path to true self examination.

Life Span :  How long are you going to live?  This is a variable that you have more control over than you will ever know.

Social:  What is your true concept of the human race?  Do you love it and want to participate, or do you dislike it and wish to pursue your own path outside the current human condition?

Nutrients :  What are you going to consume to survive?   Not what you love to eat.  That has been programmed into you by others.  This is what you need to survive.  Nutrition is not the same as pleasure eating.

Passion:   What will you strive to study and understand?  This is not just a field of study but the thing that drives you emotionally.  This is the one thing (and you may have to choose from many that fill your mind) that can drive you for the rest of your life.  It has nothing to do with income or position in life.  Those have been programmed into you by others.

Leadership:   Do you plan to lead in your passion or follow another with the same passion?  Neither answer is right or wrong, but you definitely have a drive for one or the other.

Home:  Is your home a physical location or is your home wherever you may roam?  Remember, home is not made of brick and stone.  Home really is where your heart is, and as such if your heart is global you will roam and if your heart is local you will stay put.

Climate:  What climate best fits your body chemistry?  Do you run warm or cold, do you need seasons or need consistency?

There are many more variables in HPL, but most of them are too advanced for you at this point in your education.  For instance, the variable of singularity, the concept of if you should share your life with another person exclusively or leave yourself open for life opportunities by staying alone is a very powerful variable to contemplate.  Unfortunately, the programming you have received makes this impossible for you to contemplate with any sense of reality due to your past programming by others.

Consider the variables that I gave you.  Just knowing these answers to your life will give you more information and individual power than 95% of the people on this planet.  More individual power because you have a clear understanding of what you want in terms that are not built on your past programming.  Consider these variables and you will immediately see that the variables that are currently running the program in your head are not reality.

Still confused about variables?  Consider this.  A job is either slavery or a blessing depending on your true life variables.  One in a million people may be best suited to live the bulk of their life in a cubicle answering customer service issues for a large insurance company.  The fact that one in one hundred have a job similar to this shows that we are not living according to our own real life HPL variables.  Learn yours and thrive in life.


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