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Discussions with Christians : See no Evidence, Hear no Evidence, and never speak of Evidence

I do love to party with Christians.  Their suppressed emotions make them the wildest partiers on the planet.  It has been a decade since I last felt as if I had to hide something I enjoyed.  The same fear of punishment that makes Christians such wild partiers also makes them quite bad at sex.  I think that religion is the root cause of pre-mature ejaculation.  The fear that god or a parent is watching in disapproval makes perfect sense as to why Christians try to get sex over as quickly as possible.  The same way that Christians rush to get drunk enough or high enough to drown their convictions in order to free themselves, they also rush to climax at sex to quickly cover up the embarrassment of fulfilling a human need.

I have been writing about life as an atheist for quite some time now.  I have been discussing the reasons for my conversion away from Christianity with many Christians over the years and have found that they all have a unwillingness to speak, hear or view any evidence that may put their faith in jeopardy.  They are so focused on the imaginary afterlife that they feel like evidence against their religion is the true danger and not the drugs, alcohol and bad sex.  Christians call evidence a “temptation”.  That cracks me up!  Logic is not a temptation, it is as near an exact opposite to temptation as I can imagine.  Christians will enter into a conversation on religion in the hope that they can convert the person.  When evidence starts to mount against their claims the first shut their eyes.  They refuse to see the logic in the evidence against their religion.  Then they shut their ears.  They refuse to hear the mounting evidence that shakes their faith.  Then all of a sudden the Christian will end the discussion.  As the evidence mounts to a possible conflict with their faith, they inevitably find an excuse to end the conversation.   See no evidence, Hear no evidence, and never, never speak any evidence against religion.  That is the Christian method of contemplation of their religion.

In Human Programming Language (HPL) terms, religions have created the following lines of code to keep their followers from staying.   To see to evidence is “temptation”.   To listen to and consider evidence is a “sin”, and to speak of evidence is “heresy”.  The poor Christians have no chance to really consider the evidence against their religion.  Their programming completely prohibits that type of process.

see no evidence, hear no evidence and speak no evidence

The end is coming, and it is not Armageddon.  More and more Christian youth are seeing the evidence on television.  That is the one gateway of truth that the Christians have not closed.  I know it sounds crazy to call television broadcasts gateways of truth, especially with networks like Fox broadcasting, but it’s true.  The more reputable channels are broadcasting piece after piece of evidence against Christianity.  One by one the Christian kids are being caught without their hands over their eyes or ears.  The fact that Christian kid’s parents require them to hold their tongues simply makes it easier for them to keep their secret lack of faith until they leave the home.

One of the most interesting things about the Christian kids converting to atheism is the fact that NONE of them have any interest in Israel or Armageddon.  They all believe that Israel is the playground for the criminally insane.  The idea that atheists will someday desire to start a new world religion and attempt to build a new church on the current location of the Temple Mount is pure fantasy.  The last things these kids want is to replace the insanity they grew up in with the insanity of a new church.

Help, I am ItiA

  1. Zanna
    April 7, 2010 at 11:43 am

    Okay, I’ll take on this challenge – sounds like fun. Belief systems cannot have evidence, because it is a BELIEF, not a fact. Your atheism equally has no evidence of the non-existence of God.
    First: If I say to you, “There is a creature in the closet,” we can go to the closet and look. If there is a creature in there, I was right, if there isn’t, I was wrong. If I say to you that there is a creature that lives in a cave at the bottom of the ocean, we can only know whether or not this is a fact when we go and search the bottom of the ocean for a monster and conclude that there is either the existence of one or not. That’s the first problem. None of us alive has any memory of having died and gone to heaven, so we cannot prove the existence of God OR the non existence of a God in heaven. It is a matter of belief, either for or against, and both are equally viable with no factual basis.
    Second: If I say, “There is something invisible in that tree over there, and we go and sit in the tree, and we feel a warm breeze blowing across our faces, we have evidence of something invisible, but we may or may not agree on what that is. We may agree to call it “wind”, or we may disagree and you might call it wind and I call it spirit. The only thing that we can agree on is the fact: Something touched our faces when we sat in the tree. The rest is how we choose to perceive it and what we choose to call it. Our beliefs. And this would of course get further complicated if at the moment we sat in the tree, nothing touched our faces.
    Thirdly, we can both sit down to a meal, and I might say it was good. You might say it was horrible. There is no fact involved here, and therefore no evidence. It is opinion, which quite often is lumped in with belief.
    Fourthly, years ago there were many people who believed that the earth was round, but they were laughed at and ridiculed because there were no facts to back it up. As the facts came to light, people understood, but until that time, roundness of the earth was only a belief. It was beyond understanding.
    This is what we have. We have a BELIEF that there is a good, invisible essence in a realm that we cannot get to and which is beyond our understanding. Of course there is no evidence, silly! But you equally have no evidence that it DOESN’T exist. You only have belief. So why the argument?
    One thing that we can agree on is that LOVE does exist. We may call it different things and have trouble defining it, we can’t see it, but we know it when we feel it in our hearts, and we can see the changes that it makes when it is applied to our world. Christians and many others too, BELIEVE that “God” is loving and that love is of God, and I think that’s pretty cool. We ALL believe in something – either in the existence or the non existence of God. I like to believe the way I do because it feels good, and it makes others feel good. If what you believe feels good and makes others feel good, then I say go for it! If it doesn’t, if it only makes you angry and confrontational, you may want to think about changing your beliefs. Why not?

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