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Siemens : Somewhere in America

In a recent television ad, the Siemens corporation explains that “Somewhere in America the toughest questions are answered every day, because somewhere in America 69,000 people spend every day answering them.”  I really love the ad for several reasons, some of them are admirable and some of them are laughable.


The idea that Seimens has 69,000 employees who are highly educated and ready to solve Americas problem is true and accurate, but as you can see in the commercial, many of the ideas are based on industry or municipality requirements and not the best solution for the problem.

In the first section of the commercial you see the perfect solution.  A house powered exclusively by wind.  An “off the grid” home is the perfect and correct solution.  I hypothesize that is why it is shown first.  Obviously it has the least impact of all the solutions shown in the commercial, but it is the most accurate solution shown.

The next segment of the ad shows the piece of hospital equipment.  Siemens is a huge manufacturer of hospital diagnostics and operations machinery.  The only thing they could say about their machinery for the medical industry is that it has “the human touch”.  LOL  That is the best thing that can be said about our health care industry.  The industry is dominated by incredible diagnostic machines because finding a problem is the way hospitals make money.  It is exactly the same as the auto repair industry.  Not much is spent on inexpensive, wide use cures or preventative methods….just the methods that can generate a couple hundred thousand dollars per incident for the hospital.

Another segment shows the automation of factories.  Automation is the 800lb gorilla in the room when you talk about jobs.  Every Siemens automation tool cuts down on the labor needed to produce a widget.  To keep the number of jobs up, corporations are hiring cubical monkeys instead of skilled labor.  Automation in factories is a wonderful way to improve our future, but not under our current Corporatocracy.

Yet another segment in this short commercial shows a train in the middle of the city with a small energy footprint.  Congratulations Siemens, this is a great accomplishment.  What the world doesn’t know is that Siemens has the technology ready to automate transportation for the entire city on a car by car basis, but no American city is smart enough to request the technology.  They all just spend the federal money on mass transit projects like trains and busses.

So that is the new Siemens commercial.  Wonderful visuals, and completely above the head of most Americans, but to those who know what Siemens is capable of, it is a sad commentary on how little America demands progress the way we did in the 1950’s.  Back then we were demanding personal jet packs for transportation, now we only want busses.  Back then doctors treated many patients for just a few dollars, now they rape you for every penny you have.  Wake up America.  It’s time to get back to progress as usual instead of ignorance as usual.

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