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Apple is the new 1984 IBM

In the famous Apple commercial of 1984, Apple professed, “think different”.   It was the call for freedom of invention, collaboration, and a different evolution of our society outside the suits and ties of 1984.

It seemed like the impossible event, but Apple finally completes its evolution into the IBM of old.  Apple acting like IBM?  Apple restricting creativity?  Apple taking the whole pie for itself and leaving the little software geniuses out in the cold?  Yes, it’s true, Apple has turned it’s back on the little guy in a big way.

Apple Apps just announced that it is no longer “allowing” 3rd party developer languages and all the cool gadgets and enhancements that small, independent software developers can add to the line of Apple products that run apps including the itouch, ipod touch, and iphone.  Apple’s decision to shut out all “intermediary translation” from developer apps severely limits the future improvements by forcing all programming to be done in objective-C.  There are other approved languages, but the Apple apps you will see in the future will start to all look similar in that they all have the same limitations of a single programming language.  Imagine if everyone was only allowed to talk like someone from New Jersey.  That is the best way to describe the awful decision of Apple.  Apple has finally evolved into the IBM of old.   Apple has taken its first steps to undo the limitless boundaries that have always made it the darling of tech savvy people worldwide.

To understand why Apple is moving in this direction, look no further than Steve Jobs.   Whatever was draining his free spirit has completed its job.  Steve now looks more like the legendarily strict IBM CEO Thomas Watson Jr.  The Steve Jobs that released Lisa is no longer with us.

So what is in the future for apps?  In the 80’s Jobs was there for everyone who wanted to avoid IBM.  Now that Apple is the new 1980’s IBM, who is the new apple?  In the current economy, small business cannot experience exponential growth like apple did, but there is a device standing in the shadows that is ready to take the market.  Unfortunately, its owned by another corporate giant, Google.  The beneficiary of Apple’s decision to evolve into IBM is the Android Phone.  Look for cooler , fuller featured, killer apps to come from Android in the future, not the iPhone.


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