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George Soros hacks BBC and podster.de?

As a shining example of how the wealthy can alter history, George Soros is erasing his mistakes.  Soros who is known as the man who “broke the bank of England” by betting against the Pound Sterling, and again betting against the Association of Southeast Asian Nations which caused a monetary shortfall of 218 Billion, gave an interview on June 6th, 2008 to Carrie Gracie of BBC Radio “The Interview”.

In this interview, George Soros seemed to become enamored by Carrie Gracie and after she prodded him 4 times, Soros disclosed some very interesting facts about how he was in the middle of shorting the “West”.  When Carrie persisted, Soros came clean about his investments and plans to cause havoc in the UK, the EU and the U.S.A.

While the interview did receive international attention, the length of time between his statements and the most recent financial devastation was longer than the world’s attention span.  Soros, a man who has learned his lesson about covering his tracks (see Soros history of traitorous activities against his own people during WWII), has seemingly decided to cover this interview up in fear of future retribution.

Try to search for the June 6th, 2008 Interview between Carrie Gracie and George Soros on the BBC Radio show, “The Interview”.  You will not find it.  You will not find the audio.  You will not find the transcripts.

A search of “The Interview” archives and you will find the place where the file should be, in the list of 2008 interviews, but it’s not there.

Ok, no big deal.  Carrie or the station manager must have thought that the interview with the man who nearly broke the British economy singlehandedly is not that important.  Let’s dig deeper into BBC archives.  It has to be there somewhere!  I found the interview file location…but the mp3 had gone missing!

Ok, so the BBC has lost an interview…unlikely, but not impossible.  Let’s look for it on another site in another country.  There are many mirrors of BBC interviews.  Let’s look at one in Germany.  Found the file location, but it will not play.  The file has been erased.  Try it for yourself.  The location is shown below.

Ok, enough playing around.   Let’s go to another independent site.  I am not a conspiracy theorist.  I like facts.  Another search for the file showed that I could listen to it on a site called Odeo.com  Unbelievable the file is corrupted.

These were the only locations on the Internet that held the interview for open play.  I tried bit torrents to locate the file, and even a multitude of sites that claim to store some of the most controversial interviews in history.  NOTHING.

George Soros opened up to Carrie Gracie.  That interview was some of the most accurate historical data we have on the true nature of George Soros.  Now it seems as if he has found a way, through hacking databases of information, to start white washing his past.  The Carrie Gracie interview is a very important piece of our past that now seems lost.  Is it true that money can now easily rewrite history by hacking the source of data and historical records for most of the planet?  Like I said, I am not a conspiracy theorist.  I just wonder why the British, who are known for their never ending bureaucratic ability to keep every record of every event in their history, has suddenly misplaced this record of a confession by a very evil man.

Help, I am ItiA

  1. December 16, 2011 at 12:34 pm

    I downloaded the podcast. You may have it if you wish.

    • January 14, 2012 at 5:50 am

      Yes, send a link if you have it and I will publish it.

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