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Michael Steele, Republican liability?

In recent news Michael Steele has admitted that he has , “made some mistakes”.

Have you researched those mistakes?  They are not as easy to find as you may think.  Capehart, of the Washington Post, gave 2 examples in his article.  Steele spent too much Republican money and came to meeting with 6 aids in a couple of SUV’s.


Really?  Those are his mistakes?  Didn’t his overspending help get Scott Brown elected in Massachusetts?   In a party that went from majority to super minority, isn’t saving for a rainy day a BAD idea?  Piling out of two SUV’s with a bunch of aids.  What, was that too ghetto?  Give me a break.  The man is apologizing for no reason whatsoever.  It sounds so much like “yes massa, sorry massa” that it is offensive to me.  Michael Steele’s job rating depends on one thing and one thing only, November election results.  So far Mr. Steele is batting 1000.  He is 1 for 1 with the election of Scott Brown.

So why all the tension over his job performance?  Simple.  To Republicans, Michael Steele is a freed slave, not a leader.  The Republican Party originated with the effort to free the slaves and they have kept the same mentality towards African Americans since that day. The ONLY reason why Michael Steele is the Republican National Committee chairman is that Republicans hate being outted as the bigot party, so they had to put a black man in a leadership position.   In their bigot minds, they knew they had to respond to the American demand for diversity in higher office.  So the Republicans responded with putting a black man in a figurehead position with little power.  The evidence is overwhelming.  First look at the list of African American Republicans.


Not only are most of them listed as “former”, but NONE of them are currently serving in Congress.  Here is a list of African Americans in Congress recently.

Kendrick Meek Democrat Florida 2003-present 1966- David Scott Democrat Georgia 2003-present 1946- G. K. Butterfield Democrat North Carolina 2004-present 1947- Emanuel Cleaver Democrat Missouri 2005-present 1944- Al Green Democrat Texas 2005-present 1947- Gwen Moore Democrat Wisconsin 2005-present 1951- Yvette D. Clarke Democrat New York 2007-present 1964- Keith Ellison Democrat Minnesota 2007-present 1963- Hank Johnson Democrat Georgia 2007-present 1954- Laura Richardson Democrat California 2007-present 1962- André Carson Democrat Indiana 2008-present 1974- Donna Edwards Democrat Maryland 2008-present 1958- Marcia Fudge Democrat Ohio 2008-present 1952-

Democrat, Democrat, Democrat…….

There is no diversity in the Republican Party.  There is only white leadership with “Uncle Toms” wishing they were white.  Republicans will tell you that only 14% of African Americans vote Republican.  Maybe the reason for that is only 14% of African Americans agree with bigotry.  The same tension and lack of confidence that Republicans cry about over Obama is now being spilled on Steele.  Everyone knew this was a temporary gig when he got it.  Just take a look at the ALL WHITE list of presidential candidates and Congress candidates running for office in the Republican Party.  How is it possible that a party with an African American leader does not have even one African American candidate????  Even with Steele as the leader of the Republican Party, the sign on the front door still reads, “Blacks need not apply.”

Help, I am ItiA

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