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The E.U. Greek Bailout : The crisis du Jour

The European Union is starting to face the same issues as the United States of America when it comes to weaker, backward thinking states.

I remember when the E.U. was first formed.  It was a band of strong nations laying down their centuries old differences in order to not only survive in the world economy, but to thrive.  Although the U.S.A. is a much younger country, we do have more experience with the combination of strong and weak state members.

In the latest move by the E.U. to provide financial assistance to Greece, I am reminded of states like Mississippi, Alabama, and Arkansas.  These backward states with much lower education levels than the more prominent states in the Union, much less talent at financial management and economic growth, and much less overall assets to add to the union of states are much like Greece and some of the other countries in the E.U.

Germany, arguably the strongest, most educated, and most industrious member of the E.U. is facing the same questions and anxiety towards Greece as states like New York and California face when dealing with Alabama, Mississippi or Arkansas.  In today’s article in the Wall Street Journal, Germany is showing its anger towards the Greek mismanagement of its country’s finances.


The U.S.A. has dealt with these types of issues all the way back to the fighting of the Civil War where these backward states were demanding that human slavery should remain an American standard.  Just last week, the Governor of Virginia declared April as “Confederate History Month”.  That is the equivalent of Germany announcing April as “Nazi History Month”.  While most of the U.S.A. is appalled by the lack of judgment and backward thinking of Virginia, we end up dealing with issues like these as they come along.  The point here is that this bailout of Greece will not be the last time that Germany has to deal with the backward thinking and less educated Greeks within the E.U.  This will be an ongoing battle of the strong having to manage the weak.  The intelligent will have to manage the ignorant, and the logical will have to manage the irrational.

How do Americans cope with this type of ongoing battle?  The key is patriotism and pride.  Americans are proud of the union of states, even if some of the states are constant drains on the progress of the nation as a whole.  The idea of forcing one state out of the Union is not a concept that can be considered with any sincerity.  With one expulsion, the union fails. The question for the E.U. is, “How proud are the citizens of the E.U. of their new found status and power in the world”?  While many see this as a weak union, I see it as a new source of pride for many independent European nations.  With the booming economies of China, Korea, and India, many of these countries would be in a much greater danger of becoming insignificant in the world.  The E.U. has created an economic and political juggernaut.  I think that Germany and other strong nations in this union will continue to “deal compassionately” with the weaker nations like Greece as a result of their new found patriotism to the E.U.


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