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The American Tea Party : KATE ZERNIKE and MEGAN THEE-BRENAN : Where Fake is the new Reality

An article yesterday in the New York Times, written by KATE ZERNIKE and MEGAN THEE-BRENAN said that Tea Party members are wealthier and more educated according to a “poll”.  If you remember the statistics professor in college that told you that statistics can say whatever you want them to say, this is a prime example.
Education and wealth are noble words.  The poll that Kate Zernike and Megan Thee-Brenan quoted is a bastardization of the words twisted into a statistical analysis.  To be educated is to be self actualized.  To be wealthy is to be content.  Kate and Megan don’t understand this key to life.  Their tunnel vision tells them that education is an institutional degree and that wealth is a pile of money.  Institutional degrees are called “sheep skins”, even though the practice of printing degrees on sheep skins ended decades ago.  The phrase still persists as a metaphor to the “education” that is actually received.  The graduates are no more aware of their future than the sheep on their way to the slaughterhouse.
Today, mainstream degrees like Business, Law, Medicine, or Political Science provide no more education than the back of a cereal box.  Please understand that the classes may be difficult, but the classes are all directional instead of research based.  Students are directed (HPL programming) rather than taught to think.  Lectures that use to be attended by those wishing to listen and judge for themselves are now attended by those memorizing, internalizing and hoping to get a 9-5 job that will get them financial success.  Yes the Tea Party may have many degreed supporters, but I propose to you that they are less educated than the general population.
Kate and Megan are also mistaken about Tea Party members being wealthy.  Wealth is giving your last dollars to feed someone who is hungrier than you.  Wealth is being able to spend your whole day, every day loving and raising your children.  Wealth is seeing others as your equal.  Wealth is the satisfaction of life that is before you and not wishing for what another has or for what you do not have.  Kate, Megan and the Tea Party count wealth only by dollars.  They have given up their time with their children.  They have focused on gaining assets that depreciate in value over time.  They love the fact that they can save a few dollars on an item built by a slave rather than spend the few extra dollars to support a craftsman.  I propose to you that the members of the Tea Party are some of the poorest Americans in our country today.
Congratulations Kate and Megan for paying close attention in your statistics class.  You quoted a poll that twisted reality to put a happy face on a bunch of miserable sub-human creatures living in our country.  They will never understand that the “anger” you said they feel is from their own actions and belief system, not the actions of a health care program or financial reform program.  They will never learn that their lives are built around not being human.  They will never leave their worship of dollars to experience true wealth.  The “me” generation has grown up and is now writing for the New York Times.
Help, I am ItiA

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