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Tea Party: We’re Not Racists: HAHAHAHAHA

One of the funniest lines of 2010.  The Tea Party says, “We are not racists.”  The party that thinks Republicans are too liberal says that they are not racists.  LMAO  Republicans have ZERO African Americans in Congress.  The Tea Party wants to be known as the party that is more conservative than Republicans.  I’m sorry, what is the definition of racism?

The Tea Party has taken racism to a whole new level in politics.  When I was younger, I would have sworn that White Supremacists would never make it to main stream politics.  I was wrong.  The Tea Party has proven that hatred can be a Party slogan and foundation.

This latest “revelation” by the Tea Party proves that it has not given up on all the Republican attributes.  The Tea Party representation shares the ability of the Republicans to lie boldly and directly to the American public.

Welcome to the new America.  Welcome the new White Supremacist Tea Party political organization.

Help, I am Itia

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