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You don’t really know what Capitalism is, do you?

Your education has created three tidy little “catch alls” for styles of governance.  You think that every country falls into the category of capitalist, socialist or communist.  This is a testament to the failure of our schools to teach.  They just indoctrinate (HPL)  and prepare kids to face the inevitable cubicle that awaits them after graduation.

How is it possible that you have gone through life thinking that there is only one style of capitalism?  Do you really think that the capitalism today is the same as capitalism in the 1950’s?  How about capitalism in the 1930’s?  Is the light coming on yet or are you a member of the Tea party and just walking through life in complete ignorance?

A value based capitalistic economy is one where, “you get what you pay for”.  A marketing based capitalistic economy is one where you, “take what you can, give nothin’ back”.  A value based capitalistic society is one in which a poor person a and a rich person, a smart person and a stupid person, a religious person and an atheist will pay the same amount for basic transportation, communication, food, drink, shelter, or clothing.  (Yes premium items will cost more, but that is a premium price based on value not marketing)

So here we sit in a marketing based capitalistic society that punishes those who require services, and pander to those who do not.  We endure it not because we have to, but rather because we are too programmed (HPL) to believe that every other form of government falls into the socialist or communist groups that we were indoctrinated into believing by our pathetic school system.

Not all forms of Capitalism are good.  American Capitalism in 2010 is a sad reminder of how marketing based Capitalism can kill a society.

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