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American Homeless

Certain American classes live in fear of homelessness.  Other American classes believe that it is a good thing, and that justice is served for all who become homeless.  In other words, if you’re homeless you deserve it.  Another American class believes that homelessness will always be with us and there is nothing we can do about it.

The religious groups in America have been taught that poverty is a part of life for some.  That some divine will has decided that a certain person should be poor and homeless.  The right wing capitalists believe that homelessness is just the losers in the game of capitalism.  In every game you have losers and to try to stop homelessness would be to interfere with capitalism.  Then there are the working class Americans.  That blue collar group that our society allows to work in the darkest, dirtiest, most dangerous parts of our country for a few dollars a day.  That is the class that fears homelessness.

There is a new wave of American homeless.  Homelessness is not a choice.  No one wants to sleep under a bridge or behind a store.  The elements attack you throughout the night.  The world of nocturnal insects and animals are a constant threat and cause tremendously painful injuries.  If you’re lucky you still have a vehicle that can protect you from part of the elements.  You need to be careful though, the police are looking to separate you from you vehicle.  Our society has set up systems of fines and taxes that literally strip cars from the poor and homeless.  Remember, driving is a privilege, not a right in our country.  No Porsche owner wants to stop at a stoplight next to a 20 year old minivan that is not kept up.

This new wave of homelessness is nothing new.  Our society has a generational cycle that creates huge amounts of homeless people, then re-employs some of them.  Can you imagine what a homeless person would accept as far as working conditions and submission to authority?   Every woman in this country should be very familiar with this concept.  You have heard the phrase, “Marry the first time for love and the second time for money.”  That is the phrase that best describes the plight of the working class.  For the same reason a woman will submit to a man for security, a worker will submit to almost anything to get off the street.

Every animal trainer will tell you that they can make an animal do anything they want once they have broken its spirit.  We are all animals.  Our leaders know that we will fall into line and support their opulent lifestyles as soon as they break our spirits.  A few months without a paycheck, living hand to mouth with relatives or friends or few nights without shelter is all it takes to break the human spirit.  While we live in fear of bad economic times, the wealthy understand that it is just a way of bringing the lowly working class back into line.  They are more concerned about quieting the voices of the beaten than to lift us out of our fear.

I know this has all be said before by activists year after year.  It just needs to be said again.  A society that does not care for its citizens is not a society.  A community that tolerates homelessness is not a community.  A religion that thinks homelessness is the norm is not a religion.  Those societies, communities and religions are all just covers for greed and selfishness.


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