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Iran (Anti Nuclear proliferation) Policy already in place.

Challenges for Clinton in taming Tehran”, Financial Times
“Ahmadinejad: Iran too ‘mighty’ to attack”  CNN
Disarmament and counter-proliferation Old worry, new ideas” , Economist

On this story, the news outlets are as blind to the core facts as the politicians.  Why are we trying to re-invent the wheel?  The Cuban Missile Crisis was the perfect example of how to prevent proliferation.  You have ONE policy and you stick to it QUIETLY until the time comes to issue an ultimatum.  America is trapped in Middle Eastern style negotiations when we have no reason to act this way.

The two possible outcomes of Iran’s actions are the development of a civil nuclear program or the development of a nuclear bomb.  The non-proliferation treaty is the perfect document for management of Iran’s nuclear development program.  It allows for the development of civil nuclear energy programs, but does not allow for the creation of weapons grade materials.   The way the United States is acting as a referee in the fight between Israel and Iran on this topic shows that we are not the leadership country we used to be.

This is a fight between Iran and Israel.  The United States needs to remain quiet on any nuclear proliferation issue with Iran until we have DEFINITIVE proof of a nuclear capability.  Israel has already bombed Iran on as little evidence as some satellite photos of buildings in the desert.  This is the same mentality that Bush used to get us into the Iraq war.  Kennedy remained quiet until we had proof of missiles on their way to Cuba.  It was only at that point that the President went to the public with the proof and issued the Ultimatum.  Iran has actively worked to hide its nuclear program in fear of another bombing attack (or possibly to indeed create a weapon that could destroy Israel).  How did we allow ourselves to be managers of roomers and accusations?  That is not leadership, that is middle management.

Here is where Americans get rather stupid.  We honestly believe that Iran wants to drop an atomic bomb on Israel.  The land that Israel occupies is not only holy to those who practice Judaism, but also those who practice Islam.  The idea that Iran would drop a nuclear bomb on Jerusalem is beyond idiotic.  America is more likely to drop a bomb on Jerusalem than Iran.  (Get my point?)  This fear helps the Israeli government control their citizens in the same way that the fear of Saddam or Osama Bin Laden helps the U.S. government keep control of their citizens.

So I state the fact again, “The non-proliferation treaty is the perfect document to manage the Iranian nuclear development programs.”  All we need is an American President who understands what the consequences of breaking that treaty are, and how to relay that to the people of Iran and Israel.  In the Cuban Missile Crisis, Kennedy understood what leadership was all about.  Not a shot was fired, BUT, if the missiles reached Cuba then it would have been the end of Cuba as we know it.

There is no difference between the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Iran Nuclear dilemma.  Our leader, President Obama, needs to relay clearly and without any doubt, that if Iran develops a nuclear missile, we will destroy it with a nuclear missile.  If Iran attacks Israel with a nuclear missile, we will wipe Iran off the planet with nuclear bombs.  It is a horrible responsibility that falls on every President of the United States since the end of WWII.   Unfortunately we have not had the leadership to back it since President Kennedy.  Every President since has backed down from their responsibility and played the referee in the Middle East for fear that they might have to follow through on what they say.  That is not leadership.

Israel and Iran are insignificant in comparison to the Armed Forces of the United States.  The only time we have ever been challenged in the Middle East is when we are forced to place our soldiers on guard duty in the middle of a hostile city.  To put it bluntly, just like little school children on the playground, when America pulls out a paddle, the kids will stop fighting.  It is important to note, however, that this only works if the kids are certain that the paddle will come down on them if they do not stop.  Let’s stop treating Israel and Iran like adults.  Let’s pull out the paddle and the first one to start fighting gets the nuclear paddling of their lives.

Kennedy never had to use nuclear weapons, but Americans and people around the world understood that he would do what he said, including deploy nuclear weapons, if America was threatened.  Please President Obama, speak those same words to Iran and let’s stop treating them unfairly unless they deploy a nuclear weapon.  Also, let’s treat Israel fairly and hold them accountable for any and all future bombings of foreign countries in times of peace.  American favoritism in international politics has got to stop.  Not until we believe our constitution, “all men are created equal” will we rise to our former glory once again.  Not until we have a president that “speaks quietly but carries a big stick” will we be world leaders once again.

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