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GM and Christianity share financial boom in Asia

“Christ and Cadillac have left the building”, should be hung on every port on the West coast of the United States.   Both GM and Christianity have suffered store closings, bankruptcies and severe sales slumps in the United States over the past decade.

In an article in BusinessWeek and in Bloomberg News on April 2, 2010  “GM’s China Sales Exceed U.S. for Third Straight Month

In this week’s Time Magazine (paid for by CNN) :  “Christianity’s Surge in Indonesia” reports that “Christianity in Indonesia has surged from 101 million in 1970 to 351 million in 2005.”

It’s clear that the United States has turned from a industry focal point to an industry bystander.  GM used to be the cornerstone of American Industry.  Now it is the gem of Asian markets.  Christianity used to hold revivals in the thousands across the United States, but now it mostly hosts political rally’s and hate festivals against Planned Parenthood.
While this may seem like an article of doom and gloom for the United States, not so fast.  It may be a sign that America is finally starting to grow up.  General Motors had Americans convinced that they had to replace their automobiles every three years.  Those days have ended.  They use to charge interest rates higher than home mortgages to get car loans.  Those days are over too.  They use to sacrifice quality for profit.   Happily, those days have come to an end as well.  The fact is that the current United States automobile marketplace has matured.  People are keeping their cars longer.  A new cup holder design is no longer a reason to buy a new car.  In fact, people who are getting hybrids and “all electric” cars are planning to hold on to them for a decade.  General Motors management style and business model work best in booming, uneducated markets.  That is why China and Indonesia are the perfect place for the new General Motors.  As a parting slap in the face, General Motors has separated into multiple companies.  General Motors Asia has no ties or responsibilities for the failing United States General Motors.  The only hope U.S. General Motors has of surviving is to discredit the competition.  You have seen what they have done to Toyota, the former #1 car seller in the U.S. haven’t you?
The same holds true for Christianity.  No one can argue against the fact that the bible belt runs a geographical twin line to the belt of failing education across the southern Midwest United States.  Revivals worked best on the poorest and least educated Americans.  The slow death of the Christian tent revival is a sign that Americans are getting smarter.  Revivals are cash flow based operations.  Now that people are no longer pumping hard earned cash into the snake oil salesmen of revival tents, those tents have closed up, packed up, and headed to Indonesia.
And what a gold rush they have found there!  Indonesians with no formal education, tightly concentrated into small geographical territories, and bound by ultra conservative branches of Islam, were ripe for the picking.  The revival hoaxes have grown the faith to numbers exceeding the entire population of the United States.  The idea that they are poor churches with little or no means of sustaining themselves is completely untrue.  Even $3 in donations each year by each member makes the Christian church in Indonesia a billion dollar corporation.  We gave a name for the snake oil salesmen of religion in the United States.  We called them Pentecostal and evangelical.   If you think that Jimmy Swaggart and Jim Baker showed the true side of Christianity in America, just wait until the Pentecostal preachers in Indonesia start spending all that cash!

The Time / CNN report by Hannah Beech / Temanggung  states:

“Much of the growth comes from Pentecostal and evangelical conversions, which have spread charismatic Christianity across the globe and are a large reason for estimates that by 2050 a majority of Christians will be living in developing nations. “

Developing nations is the key word.  Christianity booms in developing nations where there is little or no education and a long history of superstition.

The good news is that the world has a history of this type of behavior and the gold rush of religion in new nations.  Europe exported Christianity to the United States just as it began to grow out of the superstition.  The cash strapped churches of Europe sent money to open new churches in the United States that sent money back to Europe for over 200 years.   Let’s hope that the United States is on the same path.  Unfortunately the churches of Europe had a love and respect for their countries and their church home bases.  Pentecostals and Evangelicals typically end up spending all their offerings at the local night clubs.  If you are an American Pentecostal, don’t hold your breath for any royalties coming this way any time soon.


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