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Top 10 reasons why gay men should not marry or have kids

A top ten list in defense of the rights of gay men  in America.

1)       Takes all the fun of beating spouses away from straight men

2)       Married gay men won’t go to catholic churches, priests won’t be able to rape their kids

3)      American courts don’t know the meaning of the word couture , how would they handle divorce proceedings?

4)      Gay marriage infringes on the females right to 50% of their spouses assets upon divorce

5)      Women already have a complex, its not right that a man should look better than a ho in a white dress.

6)      If gays were accepted, the Midwest and Southern states would have to go back to publicly hating African Americans and Hispanics.

7)      It doesn’t work for the PTA (Pussies and Teachers Association)

8)      We would have to change the constitution, oh wait, that’s right it already says “all men created equal” doesn’t it.

9)      I might go to hell if I say I’m ok with you getting married.

10)   Sorry, I can’t support you, I do whatever Vagina tells me to do.

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