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American enemies : How we choose them.

I have had quite enough of the insanity of how America chooses its enemies.  Who invented this method?  What is the logic behind it?  The more you look at it the more you see that it is random at best….and calculated at worst.  Most of us living today are too young to remember the assignment of enemies in World War II.  We made quite a mess of things.  It’s not as easy as you think for a Midwest American boy of 18 years to tell an Englishman from a German from a Frenchman from an Italian.  Yes they are all quite different, but in the Midwest United States, discernment of culture at that time was based on skin color alone.  All white men were created equal.  In the Pacific War, again it was difficult for uncultured Americans to tell the difference between Koreans, Chinese, Filipino and Japanese.  One of the untold stories of World War II is the tens of thousands of people killed by Americans who were fighting on the same side as the Americans.  It was so bad that one of the primary duties of the officers was to keep the divisions of soldiers of different colors and nationalities away from the American troops for fear of continuing disasters of friendly fire.

After World War II, the division of friend and enemy became more blurred.  The Arabs had assisted us in defeating Germany’s best General (Erwin Rommel) by feeding us information on his movements.  Now they were our enemies as we tried to make up for the Jewish suffering during the war at the hands of the Nazi’s.  Our pity for the Jews put every Arab country immediately into the “enemy” category simply because they could not understand why we were exporting 700,000 European Jews to Palestine.  Germany itself became split,   half friends, and half enemies.  Germany later unified and solved that problem, but we still have Korea.  How could we love the people of West Germany and hate the people of East Germany?  How can we hate the people of North Korea today?  These are just civilians who were caught on the wrong side of a border drawn by a select few leaders of our country.  In other words they were caught in the wrong place and are now considered enemies of the United States.

What idiot decided that a civilian in a country is our enemy?  I understand hating leaders who act against our country but who decided that the hatred should trickle down to every living soul in that country?  I understand the power of marketing, but the ability to pull that off is simply amazing.

I have researched the concept of what makes a United States enemy and come up with what I believe to be the decision making criteria that is used by our leaders and our media.  These conditions are numbered and weighted from 1 to 10 with a score of more than 4 being necessary to become an enemy of the United States.  Scores above zero to four mean that you are on the list to become enemies some day in the future.  If your country scores above a 6 there is a good chance that we will bomb you at least once a decade.  Remember, these scores mean that everyone in that country is our enemy.  Not just the leadership, but everyone of that nationality, EVEN if they are living in the United States at the time.

Enemy Criteria

1)       Don’t speak English as a native language

2)       Don’t eat McDonalds at least once a day

3)      Don’t supply USA with oil

4)      Your country is located in Africa

5)      Don’t worship Jesus as your only god of choice

6)      You don’t think that America is the land of freedom it once was

7)      You fight back against a U.S. ally who has invaded your country

8)      You don’t allow the Federal Reserve to devalue your currency at will

9)      You’re a neighbor of Israel

10)   You refuse to do business with huge American Corporations

Help, I’m ItiA

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