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Christianity and Islam : Utopia and Nirvana

I am guilty of it.  You are guilty of it.  We are all guilty of the classification of a religion according to the actions of a state.  The world is turning against Christianity because the United States is the brightest example of Christianity and our actions show our religion to be rather evil.  Our dealings in business are ruthless.  Any country that has embraced our corporations has lived to regret it.  The words, “I’m a born again Christian” are no longer words you seek in a business partner, but rather words that create a warning of impending betrayal.

The world is against the Middle East because of the way that Islam is being practiced.  The violence against women, the renewed hatred of different tribes and cultures, and the perversions from the relatively new wealth from oil are all NOT part of Muhammed’s faith, and are all turning the world against Islam.

America has nothing in common with the 10 commandments.   America does not follow the words of Christ.  The Middle East countries do not practice the 5 pillars of Islam as a faith, nor do they seek to achieve the same spirit as Muhammed.  If America were a Christian country or if any country in the Middle East practiced the Islamic faith of Muhammed, we would see Utopia on earth.  The cities would be Nirvanas that would attract the beaten and wounded people across the planet.  They would be the beacons of the earth rather than the pits of darkness.

Christ and Muhammed were both ideas that improved the world around them.  You may think that Muhammed’s statements towards women are harsh in today’s world, but those same statements were a giant leap forward for women at that time.  What was once only a slave to be sold and bought is now a prized possession of a father or husband.  YES, women in Islam suffer compared to the rest of the women of the world, and YES it is time for Islam to take another step forward in making women equal to men, but Muhammed’s achievement in his time was quite impressive.  Everything that Muhammed desired and begged of his followers has been perverted by the countries that call themselves Islamic countries.  Every pillar and every command has been twisted for profit and power.

Likewise, the statements of the new Christian church were revolutionary in their time.  Give up everything and follow the new religion was the motto of first century Christians.  They formed their own little groups (the first concept of a church) and lived a life where each person was so dedicated to their community that they would go to their death passively to protect and promote the idea of the faith and the community.  They would also give everything they had to the community to make sure that no person in the community had a life more difficult than another.  Pacifism with distributed wealth is a concept that modern Americans call communism.  America now makes enemies of countries that practice the first century Christianity.  The requests and commands of the original Christian faith have all been twisted and perverted by every Christian nation for the wealth and power of those leaders.  Modern American cut throat capitalism is the exact opposite of the intent of Christianity.

It is easy to judge Christianity and Islam according to the actions of the nations of the world.  While I do not believe in either of these religions, the fact remains that there is not a single country in the world that follows the spirit of either religion.  Those of you who do practice these faiths need to become accountable for professing daily that your faith has no home and no country on this planet.  You need to tell everyone that your faith has nothing to do with the United States, nothing to do with Saudi Arabia, and nothing in common with any current government.  They are simply used EVERYWHERE as methods of control of the population and for profit.  People hate you and your religion because of the actions of these countries.  Look into your children’s eyes and see the disbelief.  This next generation is going to take another giant step away from your faith because of what they see on television each day about the countries that claim to be faithful.

Help, I am ItiA

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