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Kentucky Fried Chicken : KFC and the penny

Fast food has been in the news lately with constant news pieces on the statistics of death from fast food.  Jamie Oliver is a new hero in the United States with his efforts in the Food Revolution.  Learn more about Jamie Oliver at:

TED (Ideas worth spreading) :  http://www.ted.com/talks/lang/eng/jamie_oliver.html

Or on Jamie Oliver’s home page at : http://www.jamieoliver.com/campaigns/jamies-food-revolution

The question I have had is how far will the fast food companies really go to cut costs and maximize profits at the expense of the American consumer?  Kentucky Fried Chicken has been touted as the alternative fast food, the “healthier” fast food, and the higher quality fast food.  All of these statements are false.  Kentucky Fried Chicken is concerned only about profitability.  The fact that they can successfully compare themselves to the other fast food giants is a farce.  They are just as quick to change to a new process or additive if it saves them a penny an order.

Let me explain the facts of how Kentucky Fried Chicken is willing to cut all corners to profit.  It was not too long ago that when you ordered a bucket of chicken, you received plates, forks, knives, napkins, butter, honey and handy wipes.  NONE of those are given out with buckets of chicken today.  The plates are a “request only” item.  The forks, spoons and knives were replaced by “sporks”, also a request only item.  Butter has been replaced by “spread”, and honey has been replaced by “sauce”, also request only items.  They do not even give you napkins with your bucket of greasy chicken.  Imagine that.  You pay $20 for a bucket of chicken with more than a cup of grease in it and Kentucky Fried Chicken thinks that you don’t need a napkin to wipe it off your hands and face.  Oh yes, and remember those handy wipes…..GONE.

If you actually put the spread they replaced butter with on your tongue you will gag.  It is the most disgusting texture and flavor you can imagine.  They are betting that you will let it melt into the biscuit which will have enough “artificial butter flavor” to mask the spread taste.  The only reason for the spread is to add moisture to the biscuit.  A nasty chemical made to melt quickly and moisten the biscuit.  How disgusting is that?  In the end they made the move, not to protect you from butter, but to save a penny per order.

Then there is that nasty “honey sauce”.  The same crappy corn syrup that is in your coke replaces 95+% of what used to be honey.  Honey is MUCH healthier for you than corn syrup and the taste of this sauce does not even compare to pure honey.  The only reason for the switch is to save a penny.

Do they really believe that raising their prices a penny will turn us away?  Your health has ZERO interest to Kentucky Fried Chicken.  This is the common trait of all Fast Food chains, and it may, in the end be the undoing of their corporation.  It’s not about the penny.  It’s not that they saved it or that we saved it.  It’s about service and caring for customers.  How many tens of thousands of times a day does a Kentucky Fried Chicken customer get to the picnic, the worksite, the pool party, or the campsite just to realize that KFC completely screwed them over?  No forks, knives, napkins or condiments for their $20 meal?  Yes they have reason to be upset.  Yes they will probably order from somewhere else the next time subconsciously fearing that something will go wrong with an order from KFC.

How many times a day does a customer bite into a biscuit before the nasty spread has melted?  How many times to they taste corn syrup when they expected honey?  Kentucky Fried Chicken is on the cutting edge of cutting costs without realizing the effect on future sales due to poor satisfaction.  Finally, everyone needs to realize that if they work this hard to save a penny on condiments, how hard are they working to save a penny on the chicken they buy?  They are willing to leave you with greasy hands and a stomach full of corn syrup for a few pennies, what are they willing to do with chicken that is between ready and rotten?

Here’s an idea for the executives at KFC.  How about putting all the things you took away back on your menu for a price.  Plates $0.02 each, real knives and forks $0.05 per set, napkins $0.01 each, real honey $0.05 a packet, and real butter $0.05 per packet?   That way I know that I am not getting any courtesy items or real condiments for my meal.  That way I can choose quality instead of being force fed crap.  That way you can see how many people would rather pay the extra pennies to eat a good meal.  Maybe some people want to save the pennies and eat crap, but why are you punishing the rest of us?

Help, I am ItiA

  1. Zanna
    April 26, 2010 at 7:37 pm

    I like! Go itia! 🙂

  2. Zanna
    April 27, 2010 at 3:56 pm

    Well, reading your blog made me hungry, so I decided to go check out KFC for myself. You are absolutely right! I asked for REAL butter on the biscuits, and they didn’t have any. I asked for real honey, and the server said yes they had it and gave me a bunch of packets. But when I read the ingredients I found that she lied – it was mostly corn syrup just as you said. AND I didn’t get any napkins, forks, or those cute little handy wipes! Just a confirmation for you that it’s not just local but nationwide.
    The chicken was still good though . . . probably because they inject it with all sorts of awful stuff to make it plump and juicy? -lol

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