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You don’t know government.

Without exception, government is the one subject that brings up misconceptions, irrational objectives, and prejudices.  I have not spoken to a person with an accurate for of the concept of a government in over a decade.  It doesn’t matter if you are a conservative, liberal, Democrat, Republican, Independent, Socialist party, Communist party, Christian reform, Tea Party or Anarchist.  The information and decision making process in your head is screwed up by your history of highly charged emotional debates, bias news reports, and the blocking your views from being heard.  Its time you were retrained on forms of government and the purpose for government.

You have no idea what capitalism, socialism and communism really are, or how they are properly defined.  Government is about the people.  Types of government HAVE TO be defined by the way they treat the individual citizen.  The concept of Marxist communism or Jacksonian Democracy as lasting forms of government is ridiculous.  By their very name they imply that the personality had more to do with the form of government than the tag that follows.  That is like saying Babe Ruth Baseball is a baseball league.  Let me give you a quality definition to the three major forms of government according to their effect on the individual.

Capitalism:  A form of government where the individual is fully in charge of their life.  Capitalism offers little or no benefit from the government or support from the government towards your life other than the complete and open ability to conduct business.  In capitalism your reward is freedom to do pretty much anything you want or can do to improve your own life without any responsibility towards the community as a whole.  Commerce is the king of capitalism.  Individuals may choose to play or not play the game of commerce, but for those who do not play or who fail, the typical response is “get a job”.

Socialism:  A form of government where commerce is practiced, but only to the extent that the community and societal minimum standards are met.  Socialism offers services and benefits just for being a member of the society.  Socialism insures health, shelter, food and other items that the society feels are important to each member of its society.  A citizen can become wealthy in socialism, but the gains are logarithmic in that the more you make, the more you give back to the society.  In Socialism everyone is required to have a responsibility towards the community as a whole.  Responsibility is the king of socialism.  You can choose to pursue wealth or not pursue wealth.  If you choose not to pursue wealth, you are still supported by the society.

Communism:  A form of government where commerce in the pursuit of wealth is an unaccepted practice.  The society is one entity and every person in that society is living to benefit the group, not the individual.  The society provides the same extent of services to all members of the society without additional benefits to anyone.  The concept of wealth in a communist society has nothing to do with money or business.  Wealth is measured in personal talents and in intangibles like friends, family, and family history since financial success is not a possibility.  In a communist society, if you gain wealth, you are expected to give it to those who have less.  Everyone is to be equally yoked with hardship and conveniences.  In other words, those who are the greatest are urged to sit at the lowest seat at the table.

Those of you who disagree with these definitions are probably using historical government references or current conditions in countries around the world to make your case.  Wake up!  There are no countries that fit into the pure capitalistic or communistic categories.  All countries currently governed on this planet are either a form of socialism, or a group of enslaved people that we categorize as communistic.   Dictatorships are not communist countries.  Dictatorships are enslaved countries that work for the pleasure of the dictator.  The government that probably came closest to true capitalism was Barbados in the time of the pirates, or some other government tied to the East India Trading Company.  The government that probably came closest to true communism was the first century Christian communities.

Your ideas on governments are based on your beliefs of your country’s friends and enemies, not on any standard societal measurement.  Like most people you consider your country to be one type of government, and your enemies another type of government.  People who would like to think their countries are capitalistic usually dislike socialists and hate communists.  Socialists usually feel like capitalism and communism are for the weak minded.  Communists (there are no communist countries currently on the planet, just dictatorships with enslaved populations) feel as if socialism is irresponsible and that capitalism rips the hearts out of the society through the “winner take all” mentality.  Your ability to put countries into neat little ideological boxes helps you to sort out right from wrong in a very perverted way.  It is time to rethink the way you think about those who govern and the structure they are asking you to accept.  It is also time to rethink what you really believe in and which form of government your beliefs lay closest.

Here is the final key and missing link in your government and your idea of governments.  A government is only judged by its benefit to the people.  The benefit can be absolute freedom to do whatever you want, a security base and services to give you a sense of security, or an absolute sense of community.  Your choice does not make you wrong, it simply clears up the confusion that you have between your lifestyle of choice, your desire for those around you and you needs to consider your life fulfilling.  Whether your fulfillment is a boat or a neighborhood free from crime, it is your need, so you cannot be wrong in your choice.  As you age into your 30’s your age group begins to control your government.  As you age into your 60’s you begin to hand off your power to the younger generations.  It is at that time that you take stock in what your “time of power” has achieved for you personally and for the community as a whole.  Its easy to measure your personal achievements.  It is just as easy to see the physical and emotional changes that have occurred during your generations time in power.

I am an American.  My countrymen have no idea what form of government they really want.  They say capitalism, but then say they want to support their community.  I feel embarrassed for the group called Baby Boomers. They are entering the age in which their political power is waning.  They are at the age of reflection at what they have accomplished for society.  To simplify the reflection of accomplishments during their time of power, they should be asking themselves one question.  “Did you leave it better than you found it?”  The answer for Baby Boomers is NO.

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  1. Akshay
    April 25, 2010 at 1:36 am

    that’s true….!!!!

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