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Bill O’reilly and the boomerang statements

The last 10 years have brought more oxymorons and boomerang statements than any other time in recent memory.  An oxymoron, of course, is a combination of terms that make the statement ridiculous like “military intelligence”.  A boomerang statement is something that you say towards someone or something else that ends up being true about you.  A preacher preaching about infidelity while he is involved in an adulterous relationship, or a television personality bemoaning the losers taking drugs while they themselves are popping pills to the point of daily intoxication are both good examples of boomerang statements.

In previous decades, being caught in a boomerang statement would typically mean the end of a career.  Modern society no longer holds people accountable for boomerang statements.  Insincerity and inaccuracy are accepted attributes of “news” broadcasters because they are no longer seen as purveyors of facts, but rather entertainers.  Both the liberal and conservative groups have moved to satirical entertainment to promote their agendas.  All television audiences are moving from boring factual news broadcasts to entertaining news broadcasts that offer an overview of the day’s events through humor or aggressive banter.

Evidence of this can be seen in the YouTube video of Dan Rather speaking on the subject of the death of sincere journalism.


Dan Rather was once the most watched news personality in the United States.  Now he can’t even get more than 5000 views on YouTube (It has been published for over a year!).  The evolution of information distribution from factual monologues to entertainment news is complete.

Much of the recent explosion in the number of boomerang statements can be attributed to statements made by Fox News.  The fact is that even though conservatives may believe in the conservative agenda and “values”, in reality they are no longer living under them.  They may be endeared to those beliefs but if fully disclosed, their lives do not mirror their beliefs by any stretch of the imagination.  In a world that has accepted open and diverse sexual relationships, drug use (both prescription and illicit), and opulent lifestyles, the values of abstinence, sobriety and modest dress no longer apply to real life.  In other words, even though they may tell you that they believe in those values, most conservatives are adding perversions to their sexual life to liven it up, taking some sort of prescription, illicit drug (or at the very least alcohol to the point of drunkenness), and living opulent lifestyles according to their level of wealth.  Perhaps one of the most productive creators of boomerang statements is Bill O’Reilly.  Even at a glance of Bill’s personal history reveals that conservatism is not a word that can be used to describe his personal life.  He remains, however, the trumpeter of conservatism.  Because he is seen as a satirical entertainer, even by the majority of his audience, he is given this luxury of inaccuracy without accountability.

My personal favorite boomerang statement from Mr. O’rielly is his constant rant about the audience of “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” being a bunch of stoners.  The reality is that no group takes more mind altering drugs than the conservative senior citizens of the United States.   According to the Minnesota Poison Control System website :


“Older adults take more medication now than ever before. One reason is that older adults need more medication for chronic conditions. Statistics show that adults over 65 years old consume more than 30 percent of all medications prescribed and purchase 40 percent of all over the counter medications. Recent studies show the average person over 65 takes between two and seven prescription medications daily.”

While many believe that the prescriptions taken by seniors are mainly blood thinners and nutritional supplimenst, the exact opposite is true.  According to the 2005 article by Health and Wellness article by Kathy Meyer :


“Many drugs are inappropriately prescribed for older people and 25% of prescriptions lack appropriate indications for the patient and their illness. Benzodiazepines (Valium) and narcotics (Librium) are two of the most commonly prescribed drugs of abuse by the elderly. Over the counter sleeping medications are the most common non-prescription drugs abused by the elderly.”

So while Bill O’reilly is claiming that The Daily Show is watched by young stoners, which does not match the Comedy Central demographic, the truth is that his audience is made up of old people, cranked up on narcotics, zoned out on valiums, wacked on sleeping pills, or buzzing on Viagra.  When you add the mental illness that is at epidemic levels in our senior population and you have an audience of the Bill O’reilly show that looks more like a psychiatric ward than a healthy conservative public audience.

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