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My Lai (Pronounced “Me Lie”) : Just another day for the American Military.

Beyond all conspiracy theories lies the undisputable evidence of the twisted sensibilities of our country.  Our military is a reflection of our society.  Soldiers are trained as machines.  Our society is the program that runs those machines.  While it is right and just to hold soldiers accountable for military atrocities, in reality, every action of the military is an atrocity when we are fighting cities on foreign soil.  In that case we are always fighting the innocent.  Until our military fights only against the leaders of countries who are our true enemies, this scenario will be repeated.

March 16, 1968, in the village of My Lai 504 unarmed citizens in South Vietnam, all of whom were civilians and a majority of whom were women, children (including babies) and elderly people were slaughtered by Charlie Company of the U.S. Army.  Before you blame the soldiers, understand this…if any of them refused to commit the slaughters, they themselves would have been shot by their commanding officer.  This is the danger of our military leadership in America.  The war crimes of Vietnam, because the American public did nothing to hold the military accountable, are now being repeated in Iraq, Afghanistan, and in multiple other countries where you don’t even know we are at war.

Many of the victims of My Lai were sexually abused, beaten, tortured, and some of the bodies were found mutilated. The massacre took place in the hamlets of Mỹ Lai and My Khe of Sơn Mỹ village during the Vietnam War.   While 26 U.S. soldiers were initially charged with criminal offenses for their actions at My Lai, only William Calley was convicted. He served only three years of an original life sentence, while on house arrest. Public opinion in America backed the soldiers who committed the crime in an unprecedented outcry against the conviction of Calley.  President Nixon made sure Calley got out of prison and that no other soldiers were convicted.  In the PBS special on the massacre of My Lai shows the public outcry in defense of the soldiers who slaughtered the civilians.


The citizens of America horrified me more than even the soldiers who raped and murdered.  The American citizens were in support of their actions.  Their hate of people who are different than them has no limits.  It really made me embarrassed to be an American.

Over 2 million Vietnamese civilians were killed in that war.  That was the end of any soul America had.  We proved, without any doubt, that the American Way had nothing to do with right or wrong.  If you think for one moment that the Baby Boomers are living under a different set of rules than their parents who allowed the massacres in Vietnam, then you are simply insane.

The Baby Boomers have achieved a twin legacy to their parents.  They have achieved the murders of multiple million Middle Eastern Civilians with the very same logic that their parents killed millions of Vietnamese civilians.  “They are different”.  “They are the enemy”.  “They are evil”.

Don’t ever tell me that Baby Boomers are intelligent.  They are the same primitive animals as the twisted generation before them.  Greed, ignorance, and self indulgence are the pillars of those generations.

Help, I am ItiA

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