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Arizona highways , a road too far

The uproar has begun.  a million birds with ruffled feathers around America.  Profiling!  Bigotry! The chants have started again and Joe Arpaio is getting his airtime again as a right wing anchor.  This seems to happen almost monthly in our country as of late.

I remember how stunning the polarization of our country that the abortion debate brought.  The stun is no longer happening.  The polarization of America is complete.  There is no gray area.  There is no integration of cultures.  There is only fear in the minds and the ooze of hate off the tongues.

I would say that both sides are going to far, but that is simply not true.  The hate, hatespeak, and legal efforts of the right wing conservative Americans is the only side that is really going too far.  Arizona is a prime example of the insanity of our Senior Citizens.  That is who is voting in Arizona.  The hateful old Americans.  Too proud to admit they are wrong.  To afraid to listen to any talk of peace.

Drugs, Sex, and Rock and Roll have been replaced with “Drugs, Fear, and Lock and Load”

Congratulations seniors for turning America in from the land of hope to the “land of hopelessness”.


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