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Goldman Sachs, Its a Wonderful Life

This has been the storyline of so many sitcoms and movies.  Goldman Sachs is the classic on-screen villain.  The most famous of these storylines is “Its a Wonderful Life” with Mr. Potter playing the role of Goldman Sachs, the American Public playing the role of George, and President Obama playing the role of George Bailey.

Christmas Eve was months ago, but we all know that Goldman Sachs :  Mr. Potter : stole piles of money that was meant for underprivledged housing.  Just like the movie, Goldman Sachs stole that money.  They tried their best to bankrupt every banking institution that was holding out a helping hand to low income and poor credit home owners.  Nothing sneeky or intelligent about their efforts, they simply stole the money right off the table.  It was identical to the script on Christmas Eve in “Its a Wonderful Life”.

Here we are today, and President Obama is trying to fix the system.  He is trying to make up for the Billions of dollars stolen by Goldman Sachs.  If you remember the scene in Its a Wonderful Life where everyone heard that the Savings and Loan was in trouble and the people made a run on the bank to get their money out, then you will know exactly what is next.  Americans today did not act like the Americans in Its a Wonderful Life.  Instead of saying, “Ok, Mr. Bailey, I only need $10 to get by until things get fixed.”, today’s Americans not only withdrew their entire savings from the Savings and Loan, they also bet against it surviving.

As for Goldman Sachs, they are reaping the same fate as Mr. Potter, the evil banker in the movie.  A pocket full of money and no friends.  Sounds like a horrible life, but in America today, a friend is a very difficult thing to find.  It seems as if we have all become a Mr. Potter.  Friends are only people who you pay or people who pay you.  Mr. Potter would be very happy in today’s America.  His pocket full of stolen money would buy him all the friends he needs.  The other type of friend, the one who helps support the Savings and Loan, no longer exists in America.


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