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Hospital Miracles, Medical Miracles

I am sure that every atheist has been confronted by someone who has “experienced a miracle first hand”.

The human body and life experiences are the core of all miracles.  If you cannot explain what happened to you personally, it is very easy to say its a miracle.  When its comes to health care and personal issues, nothing is stronger at suggesting a miracle than when an event happens that you cannot explain.  The people who have classified these events are the most ardent defenders of the miracle.  Not only does your questioning of the miracle suggest that they are crazy or stupid, but it also may be that they base the very importance of their life on that event.  Many of the people I spoke with say that the event happened to them so that they could tell others about god.

How insane is that?  They actually believe that god put them through the car accident that crippled them, the  sports accident that ended their career, the rape that almost killed them, or the illness that twisted their body, JUST SO THEY COULD TELL PEOPLE ABOUT GOD.  Imagine if McDonalds had an advertising campaign where they went out and broke people legs, then gave them a years worth of free hamburgers. as long as they told everyone about McDonalds.  Imagine if doctors injured people just so they could fix them.  Its pure insanity, but don’t try to tell the people who believed a miracle happened to them about the logic of their statements.  They become combative immediately.

Every case in health care is different, but most of them start with the same opening line,, “They told me……”.

This is the key to understanding their gap in reasoning is that statement.  “They told me” assumes that the doctors, EMT, nurse, police officer, or other person who made the statement was correct.  Obviously, if they told you that you would never walk again, and you are walking, then they were wrong.  How stupid do you have to be to believe that it is more likely that a supernatural being intervened rather than the more likely scenario that the authority figure you spoke with was WRONG.

One of the great problems in our country is that people believe that authority figures are infallible.  We are always surprised when sports heroes break the law, when cops steal, or when doctors make a mistake.  They are just humans.  They make more mistakes than get things right, just like you and me.  To think that their statements about your future have any more substance than your statements about someone else’s future is stupid.

The next time that someone claims a miracle about their health, don’t argue with them.  With a short and emotionless response, simply say, “I guess the doctor was wrong”.  This avoids the confrontation and still plants the seed of truth in that persons mind.  Let HPL work its magic.


  1. Zanna
    May 3, 2010 at 12:03 pm

    I agree with you, that there is nothing out of the ordinary that ever happens here on earth. Nothing described as a “miracle” is void of explanation – if only we have the capacity to understand it. Some things defy our explanation though, and these are the things that may rightfully be defined as miracles. Unfortunately people tend to lump every favorable happening or even very unfortunate events that may also hold a small portion of goodness, into the category of Miracle, when they really should be looking for simple evidence of cause and effect. Personally, I think there is as much lost in denying the existence of any miracles (those things that defy explanation in our current understanding) as attributing the bulk of them to a simplistic notion of “God’s” intervention. The human brain has incredible power, most of it still not understood and rarely utilized. Yet, even though they cannot scientifically explain it, humans have known for millions of years, how to form a bridge between the material and the supernatural by the use of focused thought and emotion that taps into the forces that run this planet, and in doing so, bring to life common occurances of so-called “miracles”. It is only in our loss of this ability and/or our denial of it that we now ignorantly define easily explained phenomena as miracles, and also readily dismiss the genuine article’s entire existence.

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