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A misunderstanding between women and men

If I had to single out a single misunderstanding between women and men in America that was slowing our progress most it would be about sex and sexual relations.

If I had to single out a single misconception about sex it would be the misconception about the physical and emotional sensations of sex.  As a whole we are taught many different sexual theories, but as a majority group, mainstream Americans are taught a single sex theory.

Here is the stereotypes that Americana live by:   Sex is physical for a man and emotional for a woman.  Sex is pleasurable for a man and fulfilling for a woman.  Women don’t orgasm the same as men.

Yes the stereotypes are true for some, but the generalization is what is insane. The stereotypes are only true because that is what we are taught in the best selling books, and most attended education outlets.  You have all heard the phrase, “Women are from Venus, and Men are from Mars”.  The question is, do you believe it?  If you do believe it, then you are part of a significant self fulfilling prophecy by our nation.  If you reject the notion that men and women are two uniquely different animals, and accept the fact that sex is different for every individual, then you are in the minority with me.

The physical aspect of sex is unique for every individual.  Stop thinking that there are only two possibilities in sex.  Hormones, body type, genetalia variations and many other variables make sex a unique experience for each human.  We are all unique in the mix between emotional and phyical sexual pleasure.  This part of your sexual experience can be blamed on your DNA, nutrition during growth years, and your natural environment (easy life/hard life, lots of exercise/no exercise, always cold/always hot/lots of seasons, etc.)

The emotional side is a bird of another feather.  While physical pleasure during sex and how the senses reach the brain is based on your DNA and life experience, the emotional side of your sexual sensations are based primarily in what others have told you, (HPL) Human Programming Language.  Unfortunately, since most of us refuse to be introspective because we fear what we may find, we are simply a sum of the suggestions that we allowed into our life.  These are the statements that others we trust, tell us.

Men are made to base their sexual experience on the physical pleasure.  The reason for this is quite simple.  They are told to think about other things in order to avoid orgasm (which ends sex for most men).  Now that men have evolved from a simple group of hunting male friends who kept women for creating as many children as possible, to a man seeking a longer sexual experience and longer lasting pleasure, he is now worried about having an orgasm and ending the sexual experience too soon.  This focus on orgasm being the end of the sexual experience is insane, and focusing on things that keeps the orgasm away is insane too.  It has focused the attention of the male emotion away from the sex act.  Men are actually trained and strive to be emotionally disconnected during sex.  Women are trained to believe that this is the natural mental and emotional state of the male about sex.  The entire sexual experience has been perverted to an act where both people are left unfulfilled and wanting more.

Women are trained to be submissive in life and in sex.  There are exceptions, but the mainstream woman lays back and accepts sex as something that the man physically needs.  Knowing that the man will not take criticism or direction, the woman is locked in a sexual lifestyle that has very little to do with her sexual needs.  The funniest part of this is that the woman is giving NOTHING to the man.  Her submission is the gateway drug to a man cheating.  He is not being fulfilled and will eventually seek something more exciting.  The mainstream American woman is locked between an argument ending her limited sex life or a husband who is sure to wander to other women for excitement.  If there was ever a case of a human being having a giant V on their forehead for victim identification, the women of America have it.

Our society is locked in a master/slave mentality with both sexes wishing for a better relationship, and neither sex being fulfilled.  When will it change?  Not until women take control in the bedroom and retrain men on sex.  Not until men realize that a male orgasm is the end of a sexual encounter.

So what is our biggest obstacles to correcting this problem.  There are two.

1)  Diet:  We are too sick from bad food to have good sex.

2)  Religion:  Religion created the role of the subservient woman.  Now we are all living with the consequences.  It is harder to find a good sexual partner in a religious nation than it is to become a millionaire.

Humans face problems escaping circular logic.

  1. Zanna
    May 3, 2010 at 1:18 pm

    LOL! Gee, itia, I’m glad I don’t live in Your America! My religion teaches me that sex is the gateway to the divine, the simplest means by which to connect to the spiritual, the means by which we become creators ourselves, potentially forming a whole new universe in microcosmic space and orgasmic ecstasy. Sorry it’s so logical for you 🙂

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