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These are the good old days

Its the title to a Carly Simon song, and it has a deeper meaning than you know.

As messed up as things are today, these are the best of times.  No time in history has brought the human race as close to facing issues of prejudice, cultural hatred, religious intollerance, and exposing ongoing crimes against humanity.

No time in history has had open discussions of acts against races in the terms of the hate crimes.  No time in history has questioned the institution of religion with such an open mind.  No time in history has taken on the priests of Catholicism or any other dominant religion for their long standing rape of children.  No other time in history has the world been able to unseat the dominant society in the world without a major war.

These times are violent and full of anger.  The key to remember is that the arguments among the adults will not change a thing in their lives, but the children who are listening will grow up to be completely different human beings.

It was only two generations ago that the kids of America witnessed the hatred of African Americans by Eurpean Americans, and the struggle of the African Americans for equality.  Laws were created and schools were integrated, but the society didn’t really start to change until those children grew up.  Adults 25 to 40 in our society are much less inclined to bigotry and racial hatred against blacks than their parents and grand parents.

In this generation we are fighting against the church.  All the lies and scams that goes on in church life are being exposed to the children.  They are quietly sitting by while we fight back and forth about how a religion that has been proved to be inacurate at best, and diabolical at worst, is still valuable to our society.  I look forward to 30 years from now when those young eyes and ears make religion a powerless part of our society.

So yes, these are the good old days.  Today is clearer and more human than any time before.  Tomorrow will look even better.


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