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Insanity Self Diagnosis

You live in a society where the choices of irrational beliefs are varied and plentiful.  Beliefs are things that are implanted in your brain through HPL that stick as truths no matter what logic or common sense argue.  Americans are raised to have beliefs, and complete belief systems within their lives.  Some can be outwardly obvious and socially unacceptable like the skin heads hatred of every person with a non-white skin color.  Others can be as subtle as a grandmother who thinks that African Americans should still be going to separate schools, but never voices her opinion.  If you are interested in seeing which form of insanity you suffer from, please read the following statements.

There are reasons for capital punishment.

War is sometimes the only answer.

A woman should submit to a man as the authority in life.

People should compete for food, shelter, and health care through pure capitalism.

America is a capitalistic country.

Its ok to hit a child.

Its ok to hit an adult.

Its right to physically force information out of a person.

A job is the only way to have a fulfilling life.

A cubicle is the best place to work.

Money is the basis for respect.

Financial wealth is the goal of life.

I only care about what happens to America.

Our country needs walls.

Drugs are bad, unless prescribed by a doctor.

(insert your own ethnicity) can’t be trusted.

Humans are evil by nature.

A 6 X 10 cell is the proper punishment for stealing to feed your family.

Police have authority over everyone.

I am a Republican.

I am a Democrat.

I own my home in the United States.

I own my car in the United States.

I want to live in a gated community.

This is a very short list of some of the most obvious insane statements that can be programmed into your brain as beliefs.  If you answered yes to any of the above statements, you are suffering from an insane belief system.  Your belief system is prohibiting our species from evolving into a much higher life form.  If you are brushing this blog entry off as foolish, then you are experiencing the automatic response that comes from irrational beliefs.  With a rational belief system in your brain you would consider why someone would say that about your belief.  With an irrational belief system in your brain, you already know that your beliefs cannot stand up against self analysis, and therefore dismiss all contrary statements prior to self examination.


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