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A Greek Tragedy

No one is happy about the situation in Greece.  A country with such a rich history is finding itself in poverty.  You may think you know alot about how Greece got into this situation and how the Greek situation is affecting the rest of the world, but chances are you are just full of mass media input and not many facts.  Let me enlighten you.

Greece has just over 11 million people.

Compared to the largest CITIES in the world, Greece would only rank #15

According to Wikipedia, Greece ranks #73 in a list of 223 countries.

Trouble in the Greek economy should cause as much economic turmoil as trouble in a single large American city.  The world’s woes that the mass media has attributed to Greece is pure foolishness.  The European Union woes that the mass media has attributed to Greece is equally disturbing and incorrect.

The truth is that the Greek society, instead of sticking to its root expertise and expanding at its own natural pace, is one of many countries who have borrowed from the World Bank, from independent international bankers, and from the E.U. to give its economy a cocaine-like boost.  The boost has no foundation.  It is purely service based businesses that are not building any real product and therefore creating a false GNP.  The following shows the truth about the hollow Greek economy.

The Greek economy is a developed economy with the 22nd highest standard of living in the world.[5] The public sector accounts for about 40% of GDP. The service sector contributes 75.8% of the total GDP, industry 20.8% and agriculture 3.4%. Greece is the twenty-fourth most globalized country in the world and is classified as a high income economy.  (Wikipedia)

Its all lies.  With 75.8% of your economy in the service sector, you are not an industrialized country.  You are simply a country that invented jobs to build a false economy.

Greece is a society that was built on its expertise of the sea.  It has completely left its roots just as a farm boy who ran away to the city to get a job in a factory.  They are not using their natural talents to build a better world.  They bought into the bankers lies of the “information age” and “a leveraged society”.

Greece has significant debt.  It was debt that was offered year after year until the right politicians were in office and accepted the debt from the international bankers.  Just like the thugs in the inner city gambling syndicate, the international bankers are now showing up the break the Greek kneecaps until they pay up.

This is a warning not about the global economy, but about the horror of doing business with the World Bank and independent international bankers.  There is nothing good about their debt programs.


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