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Day after Mother’s Day

So what happens the day after Mother’s Day.  Very few people actually call their mothers the day after Mother’s Day.  Their job of thanking their mother for birthing them and keeping them alive is complete for the year.

Mother’s day is one of the most difficult holidays for Americans.  The majority of Americans do not have a nuclear family.  Mother’s day includes step children, in-laws, and x in-laws.  Then there is the 800lb gorilla in the room.  Mom is subservient to your biological dad.  She is not his equal.  How do you celebrate that?

Then there is the divorced moms.  Mom is now equal, if not superior to your biological dad since the divorce proceedings.  He, in fact, is her debtor until you are 18.  The roles have switched.

Then there is the divorced and remarried mom.  She is subservient to her new mate and superior to her old mate.

Mother’s day has become as confusing as politics.  There really is nothing to celebrate about how the world has treated your mother.  Your biggest fight, if you are a female, is to end the role your mom has been forced to play he whole life.  You cannot get wisdom from her on the subject because your questions bring her value into question.  Your questions will instantly make her feel the repressed feelings that she has killed so long ago.

Its the day after Mother’s Day.  Your job is done for another year.  You can quit pretending that your mother is a matriarch and simply go on with your own life, ever suppressing the knowledge that your mom is a lesser being in the world’s eyes than your dad.

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