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Pit of despair

Are you there?  Are you feeling the anxiety and depression falling over you like a thick rain?  Do you not see a way out?  Do you feel as if you cannot go on?  What can be done to save yourself?  Who really cares enough to pull you out of the pit?

Welcome to another Nightmare on Elm Street movie.  The only difference is that you are the actor/victim, and I am simply the only person who can hear you.

Well before death comes, let me give you two options on how to survive.

1)       You can hope that someone reaches down to save you.  Unfortunately, most of the time someone reaches down, they are just pulling you up to use you.  “join our cult”, or “let Jesus fill the holes in your heart”, or “join our hate group”.  I cannot hope that you will understand this, but try to believe that there is no savior that is going to pull you out of the pit.  Its just other humans who are just as lost as you.

2)      You can wake up.  The best hand I have ever had helping me out of the pit was someone shaking me trying to wake me up.  They were not offering me a solution.  They were simply telling the truth.  No one knows any more about that pit than you do.

No one else knows anything more about a god than you do.  We are all just seeking answers with the slightly advanced brain that evolution has given us.  The people who shook me while I was asleep in the pit of despair were telling me that I was just a flower or tree.  I had a limited life span and my choosing to spend it in the pit of despair was my own doing and it was not helping me be happy.

Every choice is tough.  In religion you have to believe in something that every part of your being tells you is not factual.  You have to listen to those who have studied religion less than you have tell you that they personally know a diety.  How crazy is that?  Let me be the official voice of evidence and tell you that all the religions that are being pitched to you as a solution to your despair are myths, and that if there is a god, they have not presented themselves to us in this round of human evolution.

What we do know is that the earth is billions of years old and that we are the most intellectually evolved beings on the planet.  Before you get too egotistical, the word intellectually is actually a comparison of how much we use tools over other animals.  It is a skewed scale with a bias on human invention.  Some animals may actually have a more accurate conscious view of how the world works and how to live properly.  They simply have not evolved the language to communicate that to the insane humans who are wrecking the place.

So here is your shaking wake up call.  You have a limited number of days on this planet.  Nothing is guaranteed but those days.  If you choose to put everything off until the next life then you are simply cannon fodder for those who are consuming life with vigor.  If you choose to live life in remorse for something you did, or as a victim for someone who wronged you, then you are indeed giving up.  Your life in remorse or as a victim has no meaning whatsoever.

It has always amazed me at how quickly others forget about you once you leave the room.  Correspondingly, it has always amazed me at how much faith people put in the people remaining in the room to continue on a road of sadness for a wrong that they did to the person who left the room.  In other words, no one else is feeling bad for you.  You just don’t see that because you are no longer in the room.

Wake up!  Start living your life.  I am the one person who is seeing you in the pit of despair and is giving you a way out.  Stop dreaming about a cold a callous world.  Seek out kindness and simple pleasures.  Seek out and create beauty.  Not for others, but for you.  Be around those who wish to be around you.  If you have no-one, then get online and join groups until you find that person who is also looking for someone to share life.  Don’t marry them, that will only ruin it.  Love them and give them freedom to live.

I understand that you think this is a bit “hippy” or “new age”.  The truth is that I represent neither group.  I am just someone who sees 340 million out of 350 million Americans sitting in pits of disparity and want to tell everyone to wake up!


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