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Pit of despair II

What are you still doing in the pit?

It’s not called the pit of despair for nothing!  Despair is living without hope.  You are looking for hope in all the wrong places.  In fact, you don’t even know what hope is, or how to live.   Your program (HPL) is completely clogged with virus after virus keeping you from processing the reality of life.

Life is all about thriving.  Get the water you need to thrive.  Get the food you need to thrive.  Group with those who allow you to thrive.

Everything from the drink in your hands to the list of addictions that you suffer have all been programmed into you by effective marketing techniques.  None of those products are necessary for your happiness.  Dump them all.

Everyone in your life who is not rewarding your presence is not worthy of your presence.  Leave them behind.  You cannot thrive while you are a slave mentally, emotionally, or physically to another person.

Money is all make believe.  You need enough of this “magic fairy dust” to buy some food but any other use of it is a waste of your time.  Remember, you never really own anything in this country.  You can work hard for a house or a car, but you will never own it.  Those who allow you to have one make sure you pay a hefty fee every year for the privilege.  The one year that you don’t make enough to pay their privilege fee, you lose the property.

There are places in the world that once you fully pay for something you own it for the rest of your life, and it cannot be taken from you.  Those are the places that you should seek if you need to own things.  America is the place where you just sit and enjoy the insanity of all the sheep.  If you do not love watching insane people then America is not for you.

As for me, I am a writer and one who observes.  I am getting fulfillment from this insane asyslum.  All of my material comes from these crazies.  I see them with their hands at 10 and 2 playing the role of the monkey behind the steering wheel and have to smile.  I see them swallowing their happy meals after just two or three chews per bite, almost choking on the greasy mass in their throats and I have to laugh.  I see them get home just in time to turn all the lights on so that they can mimic the day they just threw away and I have to grin at the power of the program that is running in their heads.

That is the pit of despair.  That is why I saw you.  That is why I shook you awake.  Don’t go back to sleep.  Stay out of the pit and remember that I can be programmed right out of your conscious mind within a few months if you should go back into the pit.  Programming makes everything disappear until you are the sad robot that I found once again.


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