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Pit of despair III

So once again I find you in the pit.  You have not moved in forever. 

Have you ever wondered why trees don’t run from fire?  I have seen leaves move from side to side each day following the sun.  I have seen branches turn completely around to pursue the sunshine.  A tree has to know when fire is approaching, why don’t they at least bend away from the flames as they approach?

The answer is that they have been programmed to simply catch sun.  Most tree species are tremendously successful in that there are millions of trees just like them.  They have become so programmed to follow the success pattern of their ancestors that they simply sit there while the fire approaches.

So it is with you.  You are sitting in the fire of despair.  You cannot even hear logic because it seems so foreign to you.  There must be a way to get happy again using the same tools that made your parents and parents before them miserable, right?  You simply don’t know how to try something entirely new.

When I was a Christian I use to hate the parable about the coins.  I thought that the Christian god was stupid and harsh for punishing the man who simply hid the coins out of fear.  Now that parable is one of my favorite.  I understand why simply burying coins is foolishness.  Why the American Christian Church tells its members to ignore this parable and save as much money as possible, I will never know.  The key to the parable is to spend life living.  Spend life living.   Spend life living.  Spend life living.

I am writing these letters not because I feel a need to save my soul.  I am writing these letters because they fulfill me.  I am living when I write.  I love it.  Find the things you love and do them.  Don’t let any rule, law or parental guidance stop you.  The only rule you should live by is the rule of knowing that most people are in the pit of despair.  They are easy to use and abuse.  Try your best to avoid it once you are out of the pit.  It tends to hollow you as a person and makes living harder.


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