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Ben Stein Documentary Proposal

Documentary:  Ben Stein is an Economics specialist.  Ben Stein is an actor.  Ben Stein seems to be a caring and considerate individual.  Ben Stein seem to be smart.  Ben Stein is NOT a scientist.  Ben Stein is NOT a historian.  Now, unfortunately, Ben Stein has decided to make a documentary.  He did not make a documentary on one of his specialties.  He decided to make a documentary about the ethics of the scientific community.  Ben Stein leveraged opinions of people who did not follow, or even mention the scientific method, or the history of the church and science.

Ben Stein, a jew himself, decided to use the same tactics that Joseph Goebbels used against the Jews in world war II to justify hate crimes.  No mention of the ages long hatred of what simple minds could not understand.  No mention of the 16 centuries of persecution of scientists at the hands of the christian church.  No mention of the 14 centuries of dead culture that the arab communities have had to endure since all but religious sciences were outlawed in Islam. He did not even mention the Scientific Method.  The standard to which all scientific theories are suggested and tested.   Instead he used imagery and scare tactics worthy of Joseph Goebbels himself to try to scare the scientific community into accepting a superstition as a theory, and the American society against its scientists.

Religion against Science.  That is what Ben Stein has tried to incite.  Tens of thousands of our best minds, our best genetic advances in the human mind were jailed, tortured and killed for their statements.  Now Ben Stein says that if the science community does not let the religious right back into mainstream education and the scientific community, then WE, THE SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY, are unethical.


Ben Stein is Joseph Goebbels

Response Documentary Film 2010

“Why the scientific community is living above the influence of propaganda”

  • Targeted history of science
    • Death of science in the Middle East 600AD
    • Death of science in Europe
    • Dark ages
    • Origin of species “ a glimmer of hope”
  • Freedom of science in America (Scopes Trial)
  • The ongoing fight for the scientific method
  • The idea of superiority and superstition
  • Enter Ben Stein
    • Jewish heritage and victimization
    • Suffering under the Nazi propaganda machine
    • Taking lessons from Joseph Goebbels
    • Becoming the superstitious Nazi propagandist
  • Why intelligent design cannot be considered at this point in our evolution
    • One inch equals slavery
    • The hidden agenda of the American Christian
    • The fight of the Scientific community to save our freedoms
    • The savagery of the superstitious
  • Last word to those who would control us.
  • Last comment on Ben Stein.   The shame of the modern Jewish society.
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