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You suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

All this time you thought that Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) was reserved for those who check the lock on their door a dozen times or go back into the kitchen to make sure the stove is off a half dozen times.  The reality is that most Americans suffer from OCD.  We just clinically recognize the extreme symptoms in our society as the OCD sufferers.

You wake up every morning and shower, brush your teeth, and eat an egg, pancake or cereal breakfast.  You hop in a car or subway to your cubical or office, sit there for four hours until lunch.  Your lunch break consists of a sandwich, salad or burger.  You go back to your cubical an sit for another four hours then commute back to your home where you eat a larger meal before sitting down to television for the rest of the night.

Your OCD flares up when you vary from this perverted lifestyle.   When presented with a ham and cheese sandwich in the morning, your stomach aches at the thought of it.  When you face an unplanned day with no work you struggle to understand what to do.  When faced with a power outage or a malfunctioning television, you are at a loss at what do to.  Your whole lifestyle is OCD.  You just cannot see it because everyone else around you suffers from the same disorder.

How often do you change your path to work?  How many times do you eat a huge breakfast and nothing for the rest of the day?  How often do you change your beverage of choice?  How many new people do you introduce yourself to on an average day?  When is the last time you considered your religion, or visited the church of a different religion?  How often do you shop at unknown stores?

No doctor would diagnose you with OCD, but your whole life is compulsive.  You are obsessed with one way of living.  Every day the walls around your world grow larger and the light from other cultures and other ways of life grow dimmer.

It is common knowledge that the older you get the more you get set in your ways.  “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”  For this reason I diagnose you with OCD.  You are stuck in a daily pattern that has you trapped.  You repeat your actions over and over again just like the classic OCD sufferer, but your circular activities are mapped out over a full day so the disease is not as apparent as someone who checks the lock on a door a dozen times.

You are compelled to vote for the same party, follow the same values, hold the same beliefs, and reject all other systems of life as invalid.  You live in constant fear of change.  You have a deep mistrust for those who are different.  You are so OCD that you are willing to make laws and war against those who are different in the fear of your life changing.

The sad part is that there is no program to help you change.  You are doomed to suffer from your OCD condition for the rest of your life and you are OK with that.  It makes me wonder that if none of us took notice of the OCD sufferer who checks the lock on the front door 12 times, would they still feel as if it they had a disorder?

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