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America’s Financial Problems : Stupid is as Stupid Does

Thank you Forrest Gump for giving me the words to describe the hole Americans have dug for themselves. The explanation is not difficult. The facts are not hidden. We have just chosen to be stupid about finances.

Your grandparents would have called you an IDIOT for getting a 30 year home loan that ended up making you pay 3 times what the home was worth.

Your grandparents would have called you a MORON for taking out a 5 year car loan.

Your grandparents would have called together a MOB to run any finance company trying to get 29.99% interest on a loan out of town the day they put up their store.

Your grandparents would have taken you to a MENTAL HOSPITAL if you had agreed to pay interest on your own money.

The unfortunate part is that your grandparents (or possibly your great grandparents depending on your age) set the wheels in motion to create the financial atmosphere where all this was possible. In 1913, under President Wilson, they agreed to start paying interest on their own money. The Federal Reserve was created.

Since that day our country has been headed down a river without a paddle. Since that day we have slowly let the finance world control our lives.

Many Americans today are paying over 50% of their life’s income to finance charges. These are NOT even Americans with bad credit. Regular Americans, with home loans, auto loans, and credit cards are giving over half of their life away for NOTHING. Interest is NOTHING. It is a gift. Banks and the Federal Reserve don’t give a DAMN about time. Thirty days or thirty years is all the same to them because it is all just printed paper. No gold, no silver, not even assets to back the paper.

Stupid is as stupid does. My America is so stupid that we have been getting raped for almost 100 years and we still haven’t done anything about it.

What is the solution. EASY. Just like our forefathers did in 1776, when they rejected the Bank of England’s law of charging interest to the people of America, we need to follow their lead. Simply take back what is ours. Disband the Federal Reserve. Those private bankers have already made trillions of dollars for doing NOTHING. They will be fine. Take back our money. Stop charging interest on our national debt. Take back our lives. Stop buying what we cannot afford. Make the maximum home loan 5 years. Make the maximum interest rate banks can charge for home loans 1%. (They are not paying anything, or putting up any money for home loans now, the 1% is plenty for management fees.)

If there were 1 smart person in the Tea Party movement in America, they would put their efforts towards financial reform instead of all the B.S. they are talking about now.

Help, I am ItiA

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