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Flower Power

The movement in the 1960’s now seems like distant history. It was supposed to be the revolution that ended wars. It was supposed to be the party that welcomed the new human being that has evolved to a new plane of existence. Flower power was to take us to a new plane with more joy and less suffering, more thought and less anger, more information and less superstition.
They didn’t know it at the time, but “Flower Power” had a basis in science. Flower Power was a movement, but it is also a perfect descriptor of the process of human life.
We come from a seed that is a result of male and female reproductive elements that come together to create a new and unique being.
We germinate only in fertile locations.
We grow according to what fertilizes us mentally, emotionally, and physically.
We are dependent on sun, water and air to live.
We are susceptible to pests, viruses, and bacteria that can injure or even kill us.
We reach an age where we can participate in reproduction for a time.
We pass that time and remain alive for a little while.
We die and return to the soil that brought us to life.
There is nothing more to life. We are but flowers. Our power is limited to exactly that of a flower. There are those who can cut us down, those who can poison us, and those who nurture us. They come in and out of our lives in a semi random fashion. The result of these semi random encounters makes us who we are at this very moment and who we will be in the future.
Lastly, once we are dead, we are quickly forgotten due to the number of beautiful blooming flowers that have taken our place. So think and live like a flower. Stop thinking you are in control or that you are more magical than the plants that surround you. When confronted by weeds or pestilence look upwards and grow upwards. Reach for the sunshine that gives you life and LIVE!
I don’t do many motivational entries in my writing. There are a thousand ways to say “Don’t let anything stop you from living the life you want to live.” Knowing that you are a flower with a limited life span and little or no capability to move out of the way of things happening in your life is just a good example of how to avoid getting caught up trying to solve things that you cannot solve.
Even if you are the only flower in a sea of weeds and choking vines, bloom and reach for the sun. It will all be over with soon. Flower Power! Any moment you waste in your life is a moment you can never get back.

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