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2012 and Global Warming Update

Today USA Today reported that U.S. Federal Forecasters predicted an Active to Extremely Active hurricane season. USA Today Report It seems like even the government officials are playing right into the hands of the conspiracy theorists. I am sure that Fox news will accuse the Federal Forecasters of being left wing liberals. Let the argument start.

As much as I enjoy a good conspiracy theory, the truth is that we really don’t know exactly when or exactly what is coming in the near future of this planet. I would love to tell you that we really cross the plane of the galaxy in 2012, but that simply is not true. What is true is that our planet goes through a cycle in which our magnetic poles switch. I would love to tell you that the earth is warming up due exclusively to our pollution, but that is simply not the whole truth. If you have ever considered how thin our atmosphere is compared to the earth itself, you would see that the effects in our atmosphere of our pollution are not the most significant variables in global warming. I would love to tell you that we know that the Mayan Calendar that ends in 2012 is a warning of some impending catastrophe, but that is not true either. We have no idea why the Mayan ends in 2012.

We live in a time where the right wing conservatives are living in complete denial and the left wing conspiracy theorists are accepting non-scientific theories as fact.

The things you need to know about the near future of our planet are:
1) We are putting more particulates in our atmosphere which will cause more violent storms since they are a catalyst for storms just like “cloud seeding”.
2) Our ocean temperatures are rising which will cause more energy for large storms. We will see more powerful storms.
3) Our earth does flip. It does so in a relatively consistent cyclical period. It is just about that time where our societies will experience it soon.
4) This has all happened before. It is not the end of the world. There will be no magical rescue from anyone descending from clouds. It is just a turbulent time that happens frequently to our planet.

Only 10,000 years ago, Northern Africa looked like the U.S. It had great lakes, rivers and thriving cultures. Now it is a desert wasteland. Ten thousand years ago, Europe and North America were locked in constant winter. Ten thousand years ago, the ocean was 140 meters lower than it is today. This is what I mean by a turbulent time. That is the kind of change you can expect in the near future. Probably not all in your lifetime, but probably in the next 2 to 3 hundred years.


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