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Obama to visit Lincoln National Cemetery

First let me say that if you do not understand why President Obama is visiting Lincoln National Cemetery then you really need to consider your own lack of intelligence.  The logic is simple for anyone who has the ability to think without prejudice.

For all of you who are still clueless, let me explain.   President Obama is the FIRST African American President.  What American Armed Force do you think he would want to give special honor to this Memorial Day (The first Memorial Day America will observe with an African American President)?  The Union Army of the United States.  These brave men fought for the freedom of all Americans.  They fought for the thought that “All Men are created equal”.

Thank you Mr. President for being so intelligent and so honorable that you chose the best location of your observance of Memorial Day.

There is a large group of Americans that has no idea of the concept of freedom. To them, freedom is the right of only a select few to determine the hearts and minds of everyone else.

A prime example of this is Eric Erickson of Fox News. (Surprised? I wouldn’t think so. Fox News hires mostly freedom haters.) Eric Erickson thinks that President Obama’s visit to Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery is not good enough. Eric is trying to demand that President Obama visit Arlington National Cemetery.

National Cemetery. Get it?  Its a cemetery in honor of our national fight for freedom. The very fact that Eric Erickson thinks that there is a certain cemetery that President Obama needs to visit is Freedom Hating at its very core. Eric Erickson wants only one thing. Eric Erickson wants his way. If Eric Erickson doesn’t get his way he kicks and screams. Eric Erickson doesn’t want freedom for you or me.

This is modern America. Freedom has no meaning. Even the slightest deviation from thin WHITE line that is the American Conservative, The Republican Party, The Fox News Network, and The Tea Party, is not tolerated. Eric Erickson is upset that President Obama, an African American man, has the audacity to memorialize those who sacrificed their lives to free African American slaves from slave masters like Eric Erickson. Unless Eric sees President Obama serving the white community and honoring the white people who died for the Bush Family Oil Companies, then Eric feels insulted.

It is the choice of each President to observe Memorial Day in whatever manner they wish. If you want monarchistic decorum then become a citizen of the British Crown. If you want to dictate your own way instead of freedom then create your own dictatorship. As for me, I am American. I believe in freedom and I understand President Obama’s decision to visit the Lincoln National Cemetery. Eric Erickson does not. I believe in a free America. Eric Erickson does not.

As for Paul Rieckhoff, the founder and executive director of the group Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, he is just an idiot and a poor choice for leadership of a group that honors our veterans. I guess that is why he had to start his own group. No one else in their right mind would have elected him as leader of a veterans group because he doesn’t understand the concept of a National Cemetery. He believes that only the Iraq and Afghanistan dead deserve to be remembered.

Thank you Union soldiers for sacrificing your lives for true freedom. I am sorry that we have dishonored your sacrifice with our media coverage of selfish individuals like Paul Rieckhoff and Eric Erickson.

Help, I am ItiA

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