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Your American Dollar

It is sad to know that all the work that our forefathers did in the 1700’s in creating a financially independent country have been for nothing.

Many don’t know that we started the American Revolutionary War because we refused to accept the order from Britain that we only use their bank and that the interest from all loans go to them instead of staying in America. We won the Revolutionary War and created multiple documents that were supposed to be the cornerstones of our country. They all mentioned the fact that we were to be masters of our own financial destiny.

Fast Forward to 1913. President Woodrow Wilson was backed by bankers in his bid to be president. These bankers backed him on the condition that they get control of the money supply. Woodrow Wilson won the Presidency through their campaign financing. In 1913, these same bankers met privately and wrote the bill that Congress would later pass creating the Federal Reserve. It was at this point that the United States of America, as our founders intended it to be, was lost forever.

These bankers moved quickly to steal every penny of wealth from the country. By 1971 they had devalued the currency to absolute zero and established a credit based economy. They had stolen every penny of true value from the country and were now on a path to steal as much value from other countries that believed the United States was the best place to invest. In 1971, Nixon removed the United States from the Gold Standard. He did this because countries were starting to realize that our money was worthless and began cashing it in for gold. As Nixon put it, we would be out of gold in a very short time if he did not make that decision.

So in 1913 we gave up control of our own currency, and in 1971, by Presidential Order, we made it completely worthless and backed by absolutely nothing.

Without this control and tie to a commodity, the Federal Reserve was free to rape the world with our currency. There are so many dollars in circulation now that they don’t even count them anymore. See if you can find the total monetary supply figure. See if you can find out who are the owners of the Federal Reserve. See if you can find out how much money the owners of the Federal Reserve made last year.

I get so tired of Americans not having a clue about their own country. As much as I hate the Federal Reserve for killing my country, I am just as angry at Americans who still are letting them get away with it.

It is time to bring all the families of the Federal Reserve to JUSTICE. It is time to take back the American dollar. Stop letting bankers take over half of every tax dollar you pay in interest payments.

The truth is that there is no possible way for us to pay our current debt. There is no solution as long as the bankers keep printing more money and charging us interest for each dollar printed.


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