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Impossible to Forecast, Impossible to Prophecy

We are moving into a time when the speed of transition has increased to such a fast pace that we really have no idea how to tell what is in store for our society.

Yes, we do have unsolvable financial issues.
Yes, we do have unsolvable environmental issues.
Yes, we are in for an ever increasing amount of violent natural disasters.

These are some of the core reasons why environmentalists are becoming doom and gloom prophets. These are also some of the reasons why conservatives are prophesying a revolution. Both groups, however, have overstepped their ability to foresee the future.

The truth is that we are evolving at a pace much faster than society norms can adapt. Our technology is advancing much faster than Moore’s Law could ever predict. Our science is expanding our abilities faster and faster to the point at which most humans can no longer understand the basic information.

So here we are at a new frontier. Every time I find myself in a mood where I am negative on the future of our society, I simply start reading some science journals about new discoveries and I realize that those currently in power have no idea how to control the things that scientists are coming up with today.

My favorite example is Artificial Life. The upcoming special on the Science Channel documents the creation of the first artificial, self replicating cell, ever made by science.

Synthetic Life Press Relsease

This is the type of event changes the everything. Just like the first transistor, this will change the way life happens and is managed on our planet.

So quit worrying about all the things that Rush Limbaugh OR Al Gore are telling you. Science will always be once step ahead of these fools.


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