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Rock the Vote : The insanity of American Democracy

In the age of our founding fathers, the simple battle was for freedom. It seemed obvious to them that the best way have a lasting democracy was to insure that the people vote to elect those who would lead. Unfortunately, our founding fathers had no idea that their governmental structure would lead to what I call an “easy back door” for controlling the country.
In the first dozen elections of our country, we had a true democracy. People voted for the person, who just happened to be a member of a political party. It was not until the presidency of Lincoln that the party became important and the person, less important. President Lincoln’s assassination was so devastating to our country, and his instant martyrdom created such a power base, that the Republican party could run on his legacy instead of the quality of the person running for office. It took only a few decades to totally bastardize American Democracy into a two party race where both parties were controlled by the same group of bankers.
Our founding fathers also had no idea about mass media marketing, and how easily lies can be portrayed and accepted as truth. They had no idea on how by simply controlling the press, you control the minds and hearts of Americans. They had no idea on how useless the vote would become. I honestly believe that not one of our forefathers would participate in the façade that we consider an election.
There is no going back. There is no way that we can trust an individual to follow through on campaign promises or hold to their beliefs. Even our most recent President Obama broke the one promise that got him into office. He did not end the wars America is fighting. All of us who held hope that he was an independent and not owned by the bankers are not left empty handed, again.
The only way we can recreate Democracy in America, the kind of democracy that means the government follows the will of the people, is to recreate the way we vote. We can no longer vote for individuals, as they always let us down. We can no longer have political parties, as they are always controlled by self serving men. The only way to recreate Democracy in America is to vote on issues rather than political office. Hold a vote for “Keep fighting the wars OR bring our troops home”. If that sounds like an over simplified method of Democracy, wake up. It is the only true, incorruptible form of Democracy. If someone is in political office and they do not obey the will of the people, then they are dismissed and imprisoned for their crime of treason.
Just because something is simple, does not mean that it is not the right way. Voting on issues is the only true form of Democracy. Voting for people in a two party system, is simply a “choose your dictator” style of governance. California has the basic idea of this new type of voting with their “initiatives”. Unfortunately, most California initiatives are pages and pages long. California believes that the voters have as much time as the salaried politicians to read the entire initiative that they are voting for or against. America needs to go down the same path as California, but to do it the right way. All voting should be on laws or initiatives that are one paragraph or less. That way a person can review the paragraph while voting and make a real and honest decision on the initiative.
I am not a participant in current elections because they are a complete waste of time. Nothing is accomplished no matter who is elected. If you believe otherwise, you have been living in a cave for the last century. Change the vote to be meaningful and I will participate. I love the idea of Democracy. I wish that I could say I was living in one. Change the way we vote to a meaningful Democracy and I will gladly and proudly participate. Until then, have fun with your game of power, I’m not interested.

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