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American Paralysis : History Lesson From 2010

The United States of America has entered a period of political and democratic paralysis. If this were a game of chess, the American public would be in check mate. Our founding fathers gave us a single tool to dictate the future of our country and that tool has been taken away from us. Voting in America in 2010 is like a burnt piece of toast. You can turn it over as many times as you like, but both sides are still inedible. We have two political parties, Republicans and Democrats. Both parties are run by their own internal and highly secretive groups. As it turns out, both parties have the same inner core dictating the policy of the party, hence both parties are making the same devastatingly bad decisions for the future of our country. Here is a summary of the decision they have made:

1) Our money has not basis in value.
2) We no longer track our debt (total money supply)
3) We call other countries “enemies” even though they have never attacked or even hinted of an attack against our country.
4) We assassinate foreign leaders that we disagree with in principle.
5) We set up blockades around countries to keep food or other daily goods from entering.
6) We have our own soldiers occupying foreign countries with no end in sight.
7) Our government uses the phrase “national security” to hide secrets from the public.
8) We have government agencies that prey on our own citizens in complete secrecy
9) We have secret prisons that house thousands.
10) We torture.
As an American Citizen, I am paralyzed to do anything about these horrible government decisions. My vote means nothing. My protests go unheard. Letters and emails are lost in the piles of correspondence in Washington DC. I am an American and there is not one thing that I can do to change the horrible things my country is doing.
I am not alone. Half of my countrymen are with me, but we have no power. The other half have been successfully brain washed to believe that all the horrible things that are happening are part of some divine plan by a supreme god. Even if they believed as we do, there is nothing we can do.
To everyone reading this document, please understand the truth about America. America is no longer a democracy. America is tightly controlled by a few powerful families who run a few powerful international corporations. They are the ones with direct access to the politicians. Their “political action committees” are the source of the funds that decide which candidates will run for office in each party. Their argument is that Americans are too stupid to control their own destiny. The sad truth is that they may be right. We are an uneducated, superstitious and ill tempered society. This article simply states that our “inalienable rights” have been taken from us in a most brilliant and perverted way. This article simply states that America is no longer a country run by its people. American Democracy in 2010 is a myth. The American public is paralyzed and has no ability to make decisions any longer.


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