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Laws of Human Physics

I heard today that laws in quantum physics were the real programming language of the universe and that our standard Einstein based physics was the program that was being run.
Programs all have a set of rules. Rules are the lines of code that take variables and assign exact values to them. Here is one such rule that I have discovered. “If you act according to making your life easier, you always make someone else’s life more difficult. If you act according to making everyone’s life easier, you always make everyone’s life easier.”
Greed, envy, and animalistic drive all have the same consequence in nature. Things suffer and other select things benefit. When you talk of symbiotic relationships as being the best that nature can do with a life that lives for the benefit of everything, you see the challenge for humans. Can we achieve something greater than symbiotic relationships? The reason I question it is that all animals and plant forms that have gone into symbiotic relationships has been genetically altered, life cycle stressed, and hopelessly inbred as a result of creating a use for humans.
To think that we as humans can start living even for the good of the human species and not even considering other life forms, is a stretch at best. The thought of humans adopt a policy of living with nature instead of consistently enslaving nature is beyond hope.
Humans in our generation and the generation before it, the Baby Boomers, have no concept or even conscious thought of living with less of a “footprint” on this planet, and have put very little effort in to colonizing other planets. The people who actively fight against the environmentalists are at the center of our current de-evolution crisis.

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