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Obama Supports Mosque. The last Americans.

The news media outlets have focused on President Obama’s support of building a new mosque in the general vicinity of “Ground Zero”.

In USA Today :Obama’s support of mosque near Ground Zero draws strong reactions , the article, like most other mass media articles on this subject, has focused on those who are outraged at the idea of building a mosque near our newest “holy spot”.

It is time to stand up and be counted as Americans.  I am against all types of religions, but you would never see me strip Americans of their rights just because I don’t agree with their religion.   That idiocy is reserved for American Christians.  Over the past hundred years, American Christians have moved forcefully towards changing American from a Democracy to a Theocracy.  They came closest with the Election of George W. Bush to the Presidency.

When Americans realized how horrible the idea of a Theocracy was they quickly turned against Bush and pretty much ended the future of the Republican Party.  President Obama represents a change from a Christian based government to an American based government.  His statement on this mosque is a 100% correct reflection of the U.S. Constitution.  His stand on this issue is the ONLY stand that any public official should take on this issue.

This is NOT debatable.  If you have a problem with the statement of President Obama, then you are against the American ideal.  If ANYONE should have a problem with freedom of religion, it should be me.   As a former Christian I lived through the lies and deceit that can be found in any religion.  I lived, first hand, under the control and manipulation of the Christian Church to express love through killing.  I am NOT, however, against the Muslim community building a mosque anywhere.  That is why I am an American.  I understand the ideals of our great country AND I live by them.

If you are in agreement wit President Obama on this issue then you are one of the last Americans.  This entire subject is a census of how many American live in the United States.  All those who are standing against freedom of religion are not Americans.

No argument of ethnic hatred, religious hatred, political correctness, or “not there”, can stand against our freedoms.  It takes a brave and honest man to stand by the constitution when others want to tear it down.  Soldiers did it in the Civil War, WWI, and WWII.  They stood up against those who would tear the constitution down.  Why is it then that the news outlets are giving air time to these anti Americans who want to shackle American freedoms?  Why are so many people standing against this mosque?  Why are so many “career politicians” speaking out against it, EVEN though the are breaking their oath to protect the constitution in doing so?

Simple:  America hates muslims more than it loves its own constitution.   We have come to a point at which we are so dumbed down, and so self serving that we can no longer stomach the bravery and honesty required to defend the constitution.

For those of us who stand with Obama in defending the constitution…we are the last Americans.


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