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Iranian Nuclear Power Plant. Let the stupidity begin.

I would love to see a poll of Americans to see how many believe that the new Iranian nuclear power plant means that Iran now has a nuclear bomb.  If I were to estimate the number that believe it, I would say 79%.  Why?

The recent report by The Onion showed that 79% of Americans were clueless…..absolutely clueless.

Americans are have not received the education to understand because for all intensive purposes, Americans stop learning at 16.  So when you look at the Congress, understand that you are looking at a building full of 16 year olds.  When you are looking at your pastor, know that you are taking the advice of a 16 year old.  When you are living with an American, realize that you they are limited to arguments and thought processes of a young teenager.

Is the Iran nuclear power plant dangerous to the United States?    NO

Does it mean that Iran has a nuclear bomb?   NO

Do they intend to build a nuclear bomb?  Yes

Do they intend to bomb America as soon as they build the bomb?  NO

There is your education.  If you believe, or have been taught otherwise, please understand that your just a product of your poor education.

So what happens now?  Now all the political 16 year olds, all the religious 16 year olds, and all the 16 year old business leaders will start spouting off lies to stir up the American public and to put more money in their own pockets.  If this sounds like a bad soap opera, welcome to America.


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