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Republicans Seek to Make Ground Zero Mosque an Issue in November Elections

Feeding on hatred, the Republican party has decided to take a stand against the United States Constitution in this fall’s elections.

A Bloomberg article reported : “While Republicans may not mention the mosque in campaign ads, they likely will include it as part of a larger narrative that Obama is “outside the mainstream,” said John Feehery, a Republican strategist and president of the Feehery Group political consulting firm.”

Simply put, the strategists for the Republican Party have obviously not read the Constitution, nor do they honor it in any way.   To use and “ANTI-CONSTITUTION” advertisement to encourage Republican voters to come and vote for a republican running for a New York office shows the lowest ethical standard for politics in almost a hundred years.

Not since the Democrats sided with the bankers to help Woodrow Wilson get elected so they could create the Federal Reserve and line their own pockets with tens of billions of dollars has a mainstream political party strayed so far from the foundation of our forefathers.

The Republican party is dying.  Everyone knows it.  As the baby boomers age and die, so dies the Republican Party.  Hopefully, so dies the age of American greed.

If Democrats need help fighting the Republican ads about the Mosque, they may use this response.

“Sir are you really speaking out against the Constitution?  Are you really against freedom of religion?  Tell me, please, where your belief in “freedom of religion” stops.  Tell me where an American is no longer an American.”  (Sir because your more likely to find a gold coin in your pack of M&M’s than you are to find a woman or minority in the Republican Party)

Along that same line, here are a few more slogans for Democrats in New York this fall.

Democrats : Defenders of the Constitution
Republicans :  Defenders of Republicans

Democrats :  Belief in the wisdom of our forefatherss
Republicans : Belief in the wisdon of Rush Limbaugh

Democrats :  War as a last resort
Republicans  :   War is a 5 star resort

Democrats :  Freedom for all
Republicans :  Freedom for white male christians


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